Bun fight on Silvan Drive: Police maintain the perils of social media evident at Burlington gathering

By Staff

BURLINGTON. ON  August 17, 2012   Halton Regional Police are reminding the public of the perils associated with social media platforms after notice of a Burlington house gathering resulted in several unwanted youths attending.

On Thursday August 16th at 10:55 p.m., police were called to a disturbance at a home on Silvan Forest Drive.  A child of the homeowner had invited a few friends over and word of the gathering was inadvertently posted on various social media sites.

Surprise – we heard about your party and we want in. Police were called – it got “unruly”

The posting resulted in several unwanted youths attending the home, causing damage and removing items from within.   Despite the unruliness of the attendees and having objects tossed at them, police were able to quell the disturbance and restore order.

Despite its many benefits, the advent of social media has its downsides and incidents such as these are becoming all too common within our community.  The police in conjunction with school board officials continue to work on educating both youth and parents of the need to be cognizant of the potential implications associated with social media applications.

This Social Media can cut both ways.  The Mayor of Burlington recently sent out the following:

Hi Pepper,Rick Goldring has invited you to like his page The Mayor’s Cabaret.

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The Facebook Team

The Mayor wants you to show up at the Performing Arts Centre and attend the fund raiser he is sponsoring for the Centre – which remind us – what have they been up to at the Centre lately and is their agreement with the city signed yet?


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