Cable re-broadcast of important program on health services in Ontario.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON  January 10, 2012  –  The Mayors Inspire program that featured Andre Picard will be re-broadcast on Cogeco Cable at 9:30 pm on January 12, 2012 – well worth watching..  You will get to hear one of the best thinkers on public health policy in the country, who will explain just what it is we have in the way of a public health system in Ontario and where it is likely to go.

The Picard talk, given at a time when the direction for health services in Burlington is less than certain, helps to understand the financial challenges the province faces and sets aside many of the myths that surround public health services.

This presentation was the last of four Mayor Rick Goldring sponsored during 2011.  They have proven to be quite a success – the last filled the Community Studio Theatre at the Performing Arts Centre.  Goldring expects to sponsor another series in 2012.



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