Call Clean Up - and just who would that be?

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August 17th, 2020



Thousands of people in this city know what it is like to take a pleasant walk along the pathways in the Beach part of the city.

Rubbish Beachway rubbish 3

A walk in the country – a seven minute drive from city hall

The picture on the right of the pathway is what makes a walk such a pleasure.

We know that city staff are stretched – too much work to be done and not enough people on staff to get it all done.

The citizens of the city often use the Gazette to bring  some of the problems to the attention of city hall .

Rubbish - Beachway 1

Rubbish on the walking trail. Send in the clean up crew. There is one, isn’t there?

There is an unsightly pile of rubbish along the Beachway trail.

Who do you call?  The Mayor? She is swamped.  The City Manager?  He is swamped as well.  Maybe the head of the city’s communications group.  We will forward this to him and see if anything gets done.

Would someone do whatever has to be done to get it cleaned up?

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3 comments to Call Clean Up – and just who would that be?

  • JC

    Here’s another side to the story that you didn’t address: the public. Take a closer look at your picture. There is a clear garbage bag in the can! This looks like someone illegally dumped a bag of garbage. Boxes, food containers? Yeah, who goes for a walk along a trail with a cardboard box or an aluminum or plastic food container….or even a can of Coke? Maybe what needs to be “cleaned up” is people learning to take responsibility for their own garbage. What happened to all the Greta Thunberg’s???

  • Frank

    I walk the trail daily Everyday I see city staff cleaning up piles of rubbish left behind by people who don’t seem to care. Most of the time people can’t even be bothered to use a can. They just drop their garbage and let the tax payer clean it up. Maybe you should look at the big picture over the last 3 months and not just one snap shot of a can they probably have not got to yet.

  • david barker

    I niece Roads, Parks and Forestry is responsible. There is a central email address which triaged complaints or questions or service requests to the correct department. I have used it very successfully on three occasions. I’ll look it out in my old emails and post it here if I find it. Maybe , someone else has it to hand.