Canadian Iain Valliere to Compete at 2022 Mr Olympia

By Mildred Austria

August 23rd, 2022



Mr Olympia is the big event for body builders and body building fans across Canada. Iain Valliere will represent them.

Mr Olympia is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world of bodybuilding, and Canadian Iain Valliere secured his third appearance by winning the 2022 Vancouver Pro in July. In his previous two Mr Olympia competitions, Valliere had a back-to-back seventh place. Although it is not a bad result, cracking the top five would be a lifetime achievement for every pro bodybuilder.

Five career wins

Iain Valliere started with bodybuilding in the 2000s and immediately succeeded at amateur tournaments with several junior 1st places. Along with the rigorous workout plan, Valliere started his influencer career with an Instagram account. He has more than 366k followers on social media, where he posts inspirational workouts and competition photos.

A classic body building pose

Valliere, who turned pro in 2015, got his first major win at New York Pro in 2018. He qualified for the 2020 Mr Olympia with that win. The Canadian bodybuilder finished seventh in 2020. For Vallerie, 2021 was arguably the best pro year. He started with a blast, winning the 2021 Tampa Pro ahead of notable runners-up Phil Clahar and Charles Griffen.

He continued with the excellent results with another tournament win at the 2021 Texas Pro only a week later. Next, Valliere participated in the 2021 Arnold Classic, where he was second behind Nick Walker and ahead of Steve Kuclo.

Claiming his 2021 Olympia spot early, Valliere hoped for a better result at the pinnacle tournament, but he again was seventh. Mamdouh Elssbiay won the 2021 Olympia. He and the other six athletes that got more points than Valliere, Brandon Curry, Hadi Choopan, Hunter Labrada, Nick Walker and William Bonac, also qualified for the December event of the 2022 Mr Olymipa in Las Vegas.

Ian Valliere, taking a bit of a break during an exercise session

Qualifying for Mr Olympia

Ian Valliere secured his Mr Olympia roster spot with his fifth career tournament win at the 2022 Vancouver Pro. Although the competition wasn’t as fierce as expected, with only seven participants in the Men’s Open, he still had to overcome Antoine Vaillant and his impressive physique.

The differentiating factor in Vancouver were back poses where Valliere’s muscle thickness and conditioning shone the most. However, the Canadian bodybuilding star is still working on improving his posture, muscles and physique for the most important tournament of the year.

Building muscles and conditioning

The weight room in a gym is a bodybuilder’s focal point. Along with strength training, athletes also have muscle-building routines. Training cycles are now sophisticated to avoid plateauing and continue gaining volume and conditioning. Athletes use high-quality supplements like proteins, drinks and steroids Canada suppliers so their body is fueled and maintained in the right way to maximise their performance. Working out with precise training cycles and adding high-class supplements are essential for tournament preparations.

What to expect from 2022 Mr Olympia

Ian Valliere

Las Vegas will host world-class bodybuilders in another Mr Olympia tournament. The top contenders from previous years qualified for this year’s competition. Most of them are now in the preparation cycle to display top physique and conditioning at the right moment. Timing is crucial, and Ian Valliere, who has one tournament win this year, will try to be better than the seventh place from the previous two Mr Olympia.

But just participating in a prestigious sporting event such as Mr Olympia is a success for pro bodybuilders.

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