City goes into some kind of a 'feed everyone' mode on Saturday.

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September 16th, 2019



Everyone was going to get fed.

Seniors taking in the music

A pleasant way to spend the morning after a hearty breakfast – listening to music they enjoyed when they were younger.

Early on Saturday morning the seniors were given a free breakfast, an update on the plans for the fall and winter season and then an hour of entertainment that had people tapping their toes and drumming with their fingers.

Senior taps his fingers

Tapping his fingers to songs he probably danced to as a young man.

Staff dance at sesnior event

The music was enough to pull staff out of the kitchen to dance.

The music brought staff out of the kitchen to dance at the back of the hall.

It was a“hearty” breakfast “among friends” event – and everyone had a fine time.

Later in the day, the city set up tents and tables and waited for people to show up and take part in the Food for Feedback event.

Saturday evening the Burlington Caribbean Connection hosted a dinner and a dance and awarded a scholarship to an MM Robinson high school student.

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