Did you think you might have a distant Greek relative? Do you want to take a chance?

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November 27th, 2017



What do you do when you get one of these?

Maybe, just maybe I did have a distant relative who was Greek – Dad did get around.

Do I take the chance – what’s the upside?

What’s the downside?

Look at the link we have provided on a school teacher here in Ontario who came close to getting wiped out and faces years of fixing her credit status.

I work as the head of audit within our bank’s account management team. It has come to our attention while in the process to a new digital banking system that a late family member of yours still has an active account within our bank, containing a significant amount of funds. We are bound by law to transfer the funds to any surviving family member as the beneficiary of the deceased account. Please respond at your earliest convenience so I can send you the details to get this process in motion.

The email address it came from looks like a Greek bank – Marinos S. Yannopoulos <5ll3964l@hellenicbank.com  Take a pass on this one.

How a teacher has had to fight to get back her financial identity.

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