Dorr recognized for his community service contribution; committee chair sets new dress standard.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

January 17th, 2020



Thursday was a very full day.

Two of the Standing Committees met and approved a number of recommendations that will go some distance in the way the city develops its international profile.

The Corporate Services, Strategy, Risk and Accountability Committee heard a report from the Mundialization Committee that included the announcement that committee chair Ed Dorr was resigning. Dorr, has served for nine years, during which time he worked with four Mayors and five city managers.

There was other business conducted but what Ed Doer, and anyone else in the Council Chamber will remember, is the Certificate of Appreciation read out by the Mayor and presented to Ed. It went:

Ed Doer

Ed Dorr

On behalf of the City of Burlington, it is our pleasure to once again extend sincere gratitude to Ed Dorr for your exemplary service to the Burlington community.

You have strengthened our city through leadership, mentorship and your focus on positive outcomes while being flexible in their achievement.

Your many years of service as member and chair of the Mundialization Committee is but one bright example of your giving of time and energy to making Burlington a better place. In that role you are duly credited with strengthening twinning relationships with Itabashi and Apeldoorn to their currently mature state, ensuring that for many years to come Burlington’s residents will enjoy the diversity of culture, international exchange and goodwill provided through those relationships.

Please accept our utmost gratitude for the time, effort and dedication you have given to your Burlington community.

The Certificate was signed by the Mayor and Councillor Rory Nisan who represents the city on the Mundialization committee.

Nisan set a new level of dress for a Chairman of a Standing Committee; he abandoned a jacket, dress shirt, no tie. One wonders if the appropriate dress will become a T shirt, shorts and flip flops.

All the other males on Council wore jackets.


Every male member of Council wore jackets; committee chair chose not to.

Nisan - just shirt

Rory Nisan, serving as Chair of a Standing committee.

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2 comments to Dorr recognized for his community service contribution; committee chair sets new dress standard.

  • Yes congraulations Ed and welcome aboard Hassan whose 2 year old was the star at Committee, so cute, …….New dress standard exhibited by Nisan is indicative of the society we live in where our pastors now wear jeans and T-shirts, some with holes in them. Our senior pastor shocked us all when he wore a jacket one Sunday. It was a sign of respect he said for the occasion can`t remember what the occasion was…….maybe it was the first service after the passing of a founding member who always wore a jacket….. or maybe Remembrance Day.

  • Lynn Crosby

    Congratulations Ed! Thank for all you have done and continue to do for our city.