Early public response on the Council workshop not all that good.

News 100 greenBy Pepper Parr

December 15th, 2020



The Workshop city Councillors went through this morning was detailed and certainly informative.

With the exception of Mayor Meed Ward and Councillor Sharman there were few penetrating questions for the consultants who are putting together an Integrated Mobility Plan that will take traffic and transit-thinking forward to 2051

trip origins

The Workshop had plenty of data in the presentation: figuring out what it meant and then what to do with it is the next step.

One Gazette reader didn’t think very much about what was heard.

“Didn’t hear much talk about Transit from the Councillors.

“God forbid we remove any traffic lanes for pedestrians or bikes.

“And now that you mention this is a plan to take us to 2051, phew, we can sit back and kick the can down the (paved) road. Congestion parking – ha!

“Let’s just stick to the ‘destination paths’ that people seem to prefer (’cause there isn’t a bloody sidewalk in sight).

“And you wonder why people don’t delegate anymore.”

We are not identifying the writer of the comments who makes several important and relevant points.

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4 comments to Early public response on the Council workshop not all that good

  • Leonard Collins

    This in the same week Amazon. launches its first Autonomous Bus…!?? These folks cant see past 2020. It may not happen here next year but Uber is a viable alternative and surely by 2051 there will be alternate options we should be piloting .. How many Uber trips could the city pay for with the cost of one of those new buss’es?

    • Problem with Uber is it’s essentially double the number of automobile trips…one to pick you up, and the one to deliver you to your destination. This would increase, not reduce congestion. Building a transportation system around Uber is many orders of magnitude less efficient and more costly than running buses on fixed routes.

      I’ve considered the idea that within local neighbourhoods, there may be autonomous “shuttles” that you can call that will take you to a bus stop on a main artery, where there is a bus running on a frequent schedule. Still, if such a service were to become successful, that success would make it less useful, as increases in demand would increase the time that users have to wait for their “shuttle”. Each neighbourhood would likely have to fund enough supply for their needs, which would likely result in a kind of two-tier system.

  • Penny Hersh

    There is no way that any city can plan for 31 years from now. Did anyone anticipate Covid 19? Enough said.

  • Don’t see a picture of a wheelchair. Oh I forgot this is Burlington!