Fifth application for a cannabis store in Burlington filed - public comments close January 3rd.

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December 22, 2019



The application for a cannabis retail store at 3007 New St. is now up for public comment. Once approved it will be the fifth retail store in Burlington. It will be called Corner Cannabis – New Street.

Cannabis manualWritten comments about the proposed location will be received by the AGCO until Jan. 3 and may be submitted online at The AGCO will accept submissions from:

• A resident of the municipality in which the proposed store is located
• The municipality representing the area in which the proposed store is located and/or its upper-tier municipality.
Comments submitted to the AGCO should relate to the following matters of public interest:
• Protecting public health and safety
• Protecting youth and restricting their access to cannabis
• Preventing illicit activities in relation to cannabis

After Jan. 3, the AGCO will consider all written comments and available information to decide whether the application for the proposed store location will be approved.

On Jan. 14, 2019, Burlington City Council voted to allow the operation of retail cannabis stores in Burlington.

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1 comment to Fifth application for a cannabis store in Burlington filed – public comments close January 3rd.

  • 7T

    About time – now all we need is a beer/wine store within walking distance.

    I may not smoke pot myself but I support the people who do – to buy it legally (like other drugs such as alcohol or cigarettes) rather than going to the black market dealers and for the legal retailers to pay taxes like the rest of our Burlington community does.

    The taxes from their legally earned profits will be plowed back into making our Burlington into a better place and provide more community facilities.

    You don’t smoke pot? You don’t smoke cigarettes? You don’t buy alcohol (really??) Then why not start a petition to ban the LCBO and the Beer Store. Start one to ban corner stores selling cigarettes…. See how many any of those petitions get signatures of support. Seriously – think about it!

    If you haven’t heard… Pot (or whatever you newbies call it these days) is now legal in Canada – just like alcohol and cigarettes – get over it and make sure it is done legally, up-front and paying local taxes due to the Burlington Council (your council!)

    By the way – in case you want to know – I am a senior citizen who smoked a joint back in 1977 (but I didn’t inhale) I didn’t particularly like the effect (I much prefer alcohol) but we oldies need to remember how well the USA’s experiment with “Prohibition” worked out e.g. banning alcohol thanks to the “Temperance Organization” led to the rise of the MAFIA here in North America.