Great strawberry season predicted - lousy Canada Day from the province - Burlington will celebrate but no Strawberry Festival.

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June 24, 2019



The province sent out a media release advising that the first fruits of the season are now available at stores and farmers’ markets across the province.

Indeed they are.

In Burlington, the Canada Day event has traditionally had strawberries and ice cream served out by the Museums of Burlington people.

Strawberry Social

The Strawberry Festival was once an important part of the Burlington social scene. You wore your finest – and if you mattered – you attended. The Joseph Brant Museum decided to take a pass on the annul Strawberry Social this year – transformed Joseph Brant Museum didn’t make the planned opening date,

That won’t take place this year – the Joseph Brant Museum isn’t going to be open for the event. No reason was given for not holding the event elsewhere.

The upside is that Burlington is at least going to have a Canada Day event.

The Province decided to get small minded and not holding a Canada Day event – no need to invite another occasion when the Premier, the man working for the people, can get booed.


These berries are at their very best – one of the nicer things about the summer season.

The cool spring has done wonders for strawberry plants. Tom Heeman, Chairman of the Berry Growers of Ontario claims there “There really is no comparison to the taste and flavour of a true local Ontario strawberry, and this year they will be in great supply. Enjoy the taste of summer with the first fruits of the season!”

More than 1,900 acres of field strawberries are harvested in Ontario each year. Strawberries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C, and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

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