Guy D'Alesio: liked city hall when he applied to replace Mike Wallace in 2006 - has decided he wants to move in - running in ward 5

By Pepper Parr

September 19th, 2022



Running for public office in these times means a web site, a social media presence, some money that isn’t already committed to something else, a couple of good pairs of shoes and the ability to go from door to door and convince people you have their best interests at heart and you know enough to be able to make wise decisions about a sector that you know relatively little about.
During our interview with Guy D’Alesio, a department head with the Halton District School Board, who has committed to resigning as a teacher at the end of December we learned two things:

Guy D’Alesio: Don’t tell me no – tell me why.

This man can get quite emotional about some things – students and the unmet needs they have and a statement he said he uses often: Don’t tell me no – tell me why.

He sees his strength as his ability to pull a group together and achieve an objective. Talking it through until the objective is clear and everyone is on board.

He wants to see more of the cultural events spread out through the city – asking does everything have to be downtown. He wants at least a part of the major events held in the northern, eastern and western parts of the city.

How he gets Sound of Music out of Spencer Smith Park is something many people want to hear about – Rib Fest has the same problem.

Transit – he likes what Uber can offer to resolving at least some of the getting around the city issues.

D’Alesio is a big supporter of the redevelopment of the Skyway arena but didn’t have a solution on how the $39 million undertaking is going to be met. He sees the walking track that will be part of the new structure is a must. Other than ward 4 Councillor Shawna Stolte who voted against spending every member of Council saw this as something the city was going to do.

D’Alesio sees Burlington as two cities – north and south of the QEW – few would disagree with him – but no one has put forward much in the way of viable solutions.

He leaves people with the impression that he has a solution but there wasn’t much of it put on the table during the extensive interview other than new solutions.

When Mike Wallace gave up his council seat to run for federal office Council decided to interview people to replace Wallace for the balance of the term of office.  D’Alesio was interviewed by Rob MacIssacc. Guy appeared to like the look of city some time ago.

The D’Alesio family came out of Hamilton where his parents ran a grocery store. He has lived in the east end of the city for more than 32 years and claims that the worst traffic jams are in the Burloak area; he might get some argument from fellow citizens on that.

Ward 5 boundaries

After high school (Assumption and Aldershot HS) Guy D’Alesio attended Ryerson where he studied Mechanical Engineering, decided that was not a sector he wanted to work in  and enrolled at the  University of Guelph where his focus was on philosophy and history.  He then attended Brock University where he earned his Teaching certificate.

D’Alesio was in no rush to file nomination papers. He was one of three people who showed up on the list of candidates on the day nominations closed. He had made the appoint back in July but was away for much of August.

The team that is going to get him elected is made up of family, friends and people from his football past. He was always involved in school sports events as a teacher
There are three children in the family: a girl and two boys.

Still an employee of the school Board, D’Alesio will need to take quite a bit of time off, should he be elected,  if he is to take part in the orientation meetings that will begin the minute he is sworn in – some of the orientation will take place before that date.

Guy D’Alesio is one of three candidates running against incumbent Paul Sharman.   Andrew Hall, one of the three, is a former student of D’Alesio.


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3 comments to Guy D’Alesio: liked city hall when he applied to replace Mike Wallace in 2006 – has decided he wants to move in – running in ward 5

  • I will be hosting a meet & gree at Appleby Ice Rink Community room on Sept. 24th from 1:30- 2:30 and on Oct. 1st from 11:00 – 1:00. I I look forward to meeting more Ward 5 constituents.

  • You cannot blame candidates for not understanding what their time commitment is if elected come November and December. Deputy Clerk Samantha Yew will confirm there was nothing on the Agenda and Minutes page until well after I raised the issue with the Clerk’s office that those filing nominations should be fully aware of what the November, December time commitment will be. Something I thoroughly understood and was prepared for from past experience.

    Guy D’Alesio wants to serve and the city should ensure he had all the right information to enable him to understand if his employment contract enables him to do that well before nominations opened, never mind closed. Same old problem LACK OF COMMUNICATION ON ISSUES THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO THE RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES OF BURLINGTON.


  • A good competitive election is the best performance review for an encumbant.