Heavy duty foundation work started for 'The Gallery' opposite city hall.

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December 10th, 2019



No doubt now about what is happening opposite city hall.

Drill and cement trucks Dec 2019

Tight fit on a small site.

It’s a tight fit for all the equipment on the site – heavy duty drills that are doing foundational work and concrete mixers lined up to pour.

The marketing drive is well underway and Carriage Gate vice president Mark Bales shows up at city council to get the developer view point on the table.

Drill dwarfs city hall

Drill ready to sink steel into the foundation of The Gallery.

The Gallery, the name of the 23 storey condominium that will rise opposite city hall, is the first of three developments that have been approved and can begin construction.

Priced from the $400,000s to over $2 million, the suites at Gallery Condos + Lofts range in size from 600 square feet to 2,200 square feet and feature functional, open-concept layouts with large living rooms, gourmet kitchens and expansive balconies or terraces. Standard finishes include wide plank laminate floors, nine-foot ceilings, two-tone kitchen cabinetry, polished quartz countertops and a modern porcelain tile backsplash.

ADI’s, the Nautique, now has mesh type hoarding around the site – can’t see a thing.

The development south of the Gallery, approved for 17 floors, at LPAT looking for 23.

The Bridgewater does have some work being done on the site – still no clear answers to the questions that are being asked.

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3 comments to Heavy duty foundation work started for ‘The Gallery’ opposite city hall.

  • Gary Parker

    On the Brant Street section of the barrier fence around the Gallery site Penny are two signs erected by the public and separate school boards. They inform prospective purchasers that their children may not have access to local schools and may be bussed to more remote facilities. This is likely an unnecessary warning as this building is unlikely to be attracting any families – despite the developer’s claims.

    Perhaps more fitting would be a sign warning those same prospective purchasers that there will be no street parking available for their second vehicle and that those wishing to visit them had better plan on using public transit. That may however not be a hardship because the units in this building are being marketed to a more environmentally conscious buyer; a person who is more inclined to ride a bike, have only one or possibly no car and likely will rely on services provided by our mobility hub to get around town. That same sign might also warn that, because of congestion on John Street relating to intense activity around that hub, access and egress to this building may at times not be possible. But then, getting out will likely be only half the challenge – now they’ll face gridlock on the Lakeshore and lower Brant. It’s not going to be an ideal location for those who still might want to drive.

    I would also suggest that those thinking of living there should be made aware that when the No Frills plaza is developed, they’ll need a car as there will, for several years, be no grocery store within a walkable distance. When that development starts our downtown will for some considerable length of time qualify as a ‘food desert’.

    Other than that things should work out just fine.

  • Rob Allan

    Welcome to construction city. What was beautiful quaint city destroyed by mismanagement and greedy developers.

  • Penny Hersh

    Now that Carriage Gate has started construction on Brant/James Street, staff and council will be dealing with the noise, the dirt, the traffic congestion that those of us living near The Bridgewater Development have been dealing with for the last 3 years, and counting.

    I can see directly into ADI’s Nautique development – Presently the area has been cleared of any trees and has been filled back up. There is only one small piece of construction equipment on the site. Martha/Lakeshore is still open to traffic.

    Once cars can no longer access Martha Street from Lakeshore that would be the indication that construction is starting. It will be interesting as Lakeshore will become one lane until Pearl Street, and then the reduced traffic lane for The Bridgewater kicks in.