Identity thieves reach out to Royal Bank customers - not something you want to respond to.

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November 22, 2017



Getting something from your bank that starts by calling you an “Esteemed Customer” tells you that the writer of the note knows nothing about banks in Canada.

This most recent attempt at Identity Theft got sent out to as many names as the thieves could lay their hands on. We don’t bank with the Royal – but for those that do – the note may have been something they would respond to.

Kiss of death if you do that.

Rule # 1 – if in doubt don’t.

There are some that will have clicked on the link – that will be a painful experience.

Royal bank scam

This email is filled with clues – why would a bank have the words hairdresser in the email address?  And what bank do you know that would refer to you as an “esteemed customer”.  Be vigilant and you will be safe.  This form of Identity theft is with us for at least five years.


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