Ireland House puts on an event that was hard to beat in terms of interest: A Taste of Christmas Past.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  December 8, 2012  You will have missed the event this year but you will not want to miss it next year when Ireland House, part of the Museums Burlington operation puts on their Taste of Christmas Past event.

The event was as close to sold out as you are going to get and when those who were at Ireland House last Friday evening tell their friends, Barb Teatero, Executive Director of the Museum’s operation,  is going to want to schedule the event for at least two evenings next year.

All the food was made on the premises using recipes from the period of time the Ireland Farm house was built.

It was an evening to sample different Christmas foods as you strolled from room to room.  There was not only food but period beverages as well.  The Figgy Pudding was delightful and you are not going to get to taste Parsnip Soup this good anywhere in this city.

Later in the week we will publish the recipes; the smarter restaurants in town will be snapping those up.

As soon as you entered the 1840”s farm house you were served a glass of wine and then guided to either the Interpretive Room where Michelle Gatien told you more than you ever wanted to know about a Christmas Dinner.

When you got to the farm house you were treated to Cayenne Cheese Crackers, Sugar cookies, Hot Rum Toddies and Mince Tarts.  Scones with a carrot jam that was very interesting.

There was sherry, brandy, Festive Wassail and Mulled Cider.  The place was packed yet it was still relatively easy to get around.

A group of young people played Christmas Carols in the basement kitchen; one couple used the occasion to dance to the music, it was that kind of an evening.

All the food items were from recipes researched by Brianne Crites, Brant Museum curatorial assistant and from the period during which Ireland House was built.  Several of the recipes came from Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management 1861.

The gowns were absolutely gorgeous; the music on a period instrument was very different and pleasant as well.  The singing was as good as it gets.

There were several youths in the basement kitchen playing their violins as well as a superb group upstairs, the Pearls of Time who sang and played period instruments.  The two woman, Judy Morphet and Susan Snelley, will be at the Different Drummer Bookstore on December 16th – 3:00 pm.  Call the bookstore to reserve a ticket.

Father Christmas was on the farm house porch inviting guests to reach into his gift bag.

The Tasting event is the best thing Ireland House has done this year.  The staff have every reason to be extremely pleased with how well it went.

This is going to be a “premium event” next year.


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