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December 29th, 2020



It is well known that real money gambling makes entertainment more exciting and the experience of visitors intriguing.

Financial motivation is very important for those gamblers who come to casinos to try their luck not only for fun but also in the hope of getting a cash prize. If you find yourself interested in gambling, below you will find the most popular reasons why people are involved in this sphere.

Key Motivations by Experienced Gamblers

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Monetary rewards greatly affects our behavior.

Money is a very strong human stimulus. Receiving monetary rewards greatly affects our behaviour and turns off rational thinking. The desire to gamble and take risks has become a modern phenomenon in the financial life of gamblers. Take a look at these five examples:

1)     Businesswoman

She is an ambitious and professional businesswoman with a very difficult job. She works in the world of finance and experiences the ups and downs of the financial industry on a daily basis. She feels the need to relax after work without burdening herself with the need to go out. Therefore, she takes advantage of online gambling on livecasino.land. When she plays slot machines, she’s not doing it to win. As a professional, she knows how to set limits on gambling.

2)     Team leader from the event planning industry

He is in charge of a team of people at his job. In the evenings, if he has free time, he prefers to stay away from people. When he plays slots, he prefers to win, but not always, as slots are just fun. He understands his statistical odds of winning and doesn’t expect more.

3)     A professional bartender

He enjoys extreme outdoor sports and works seasonally. In the off-season, he visits mountains for skiing and snowboarding. His hobby is what makes him happy. He likes to live on the edge. When he gambles, he is not motivated to win: he rather enjoys the thrill of risk-taking. As someone who doesn’t like routine, he loves slot machines. His motivation to play is based on emotion. This is a typical example of someone who loves slots because of the chemistry that takes place in the brain and the release of dopamine associated with it.

4)     A university student

He works part-time and likes experiments. His lifestyle is intensive and he doesn’t have much free time. He enjoys spending time with his friends, loves playing computer games, and knows all the slots available on the market. He loves the gamification elements that most of these games offer.

In Conclusion

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Behavioral psychology explains some of the reasons people gamble.

So, what really motivates players to enjoy gambling? The reasons and motives are numerous. In general, it can be explained by behavioral psychology. We have given just a few examples of players, who enjoy gambling at online casinos. For a deeper understanding of the issue, psychologists need to study the reasons why people play in detail.

However, we made a non-scientific effort to explain why people play.


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