MPP's office said to be trying to 're-educate' people who want to sign a petition - No love lost between the We Love crew and the MPP.

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May 15th, 2019



There are fundamental rules in political discourse – there is at least one elected official in Burlington that hasn’t figured that out yet.

We love Burlington Prov Review signWhen an MPP agrees to host a petition – that is, keep a copy of the petition in their office so the public can come in and sign the document – the expectation is that when you enter the office and explain what you want to do – staff will politely show you where the document is and loan you a pen while you put your signature on the petition.

That apparently is not the way the Petition is being handled in the office of Burlington MPP Jane McKenna

The Gazette has been advised that “that when people come in to MPP Jane McKenna’s constituency office to sign WeLoveBurlington’s petition, staff attempt to “re-educate” them on the regional review and go so far as to promise that amalgamation is not going to happen in Halton.”

We love B Prov Rev

Part of the WeLove team outside Queen’s Park: From the left Deborah Ruse, Lynn Crosby, Blair Smith and Josie Wagstaff

Lynn Crosby, part of the We Love Burlington team points out that: “First of all, we believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion – no matter how well or misinformed. It’s what makes for a dynamic conversation that advances the agenda, any agenda. However, in this particular case, we stand in danger of missing the forest because we are focusing on one particularly ugly tree.”

She continues: “WeLoveBurlington agrees that amalgamation is unlikely in Halton – but this was not always the case. The petition, as all petitions do, reflects a point in time and that time may now be less relevant. This is not to say that there are not many serious issues attached to the regional government review and we have been careful to identify them accurately and often.”

“The most serious are a potential loss of local voice in decision-making, a lack of meaningful and true consultation with citizens concerning possible impacts, the potential to overload municipal governments with the effects of provincial downloading, the possibility that change will stress an already stressed municipal framework to the point of failure and the lack of transparency around the review’s recommendations.

“Add to this the fact that citizens will not get to decide whether any changes recommended by the review are what they want or can accept. So, amalgamation may not be ‘the issue’ now but it certainly is a suitable proxy for the range of serious issues that present themselves.

Will Burlington MPP JAne McKenna take a sick day on Tuesday or will she vote against the budget and bring down the government forcing another election? She will be looking at one of the shortest political careers on record if she does.

MPP Jane McKenna during her first run for office – she won, then she lost and then she won again.

“Please go to Ms. McKenna’s office and sign the petition. When her staff try to re-educate you, perhaps you can re-educate them.”

No love lost between the We Love crew and the MPP.

The WeLove delegation will be delivered at the Provincial Review session taking place at the Regional offices on Friday. The Gazette will publish that delegation on Friday.

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4 comments to MPP’s office said to be trying to ‘re-educate’ people who want to sign a petition – No love lost between the We Love crew and the MPP.

  • Stephen White

    If there is purportedly “no fear” of Burlington amalgamating with other communities to create the City of Halton then it kind of begs the question: why include Halton has part of the review?

    The focus should have been exclusively on Niagara Region. Niagara is a “dog’s breakfast” replete with high taxes, municipal corruption and a ridiculous number of politicians. The Tories are doing themselves no favours with the public by focusing on examining things that are already working well.

    Focus Premier Ford…focus!!

  • Steve W

    I had no issue signing the petition. The assistant to the MPP came over and showed me the petition and handed me a pamphlet on Regional government. She was pleasant enough. She did tell me there is no fear of Burlington amalgamating with Halton cities because we are very efficient in the region.

    • Roger

      I agree – I signed the petition – people in the office were quite polite – told Halton is a model – just remember you may not agree with Jane but the petition is there and staff there are just managing the office – be nice 🙂

      • We Love Burlington

        Good to hear! We have had many folks contact us to say that they had a different experience, and Ms. McKenna’s office advised us when she later agreed to host it that they would be “educating” folks. It is also interesting to note that in the survey that Jane McKenna has created on this subject, questions specifically ask for opinions on whether Burlington should amalgamate with Oakville, or with Oakville, Milton and Halton Hills, along with other options. So it seems all possibilities are in fact on the table.

        Thank you Steve and Roger for signing!