Police Services Board meets virtually and appoints new Chair - then goes into CLOSED session

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January 21st, 2021



The Halton Police Services Board met this morning.

They appointed the Chair for the balance of the term of office. This became necessary when Rob Burton, Oakville Mayor resigned on January 11th,

Jeff Knoll, who was acting chair, now has the job for the balance of the current term of office.

Ingrid Hann, the Citizen Appointee was made vice Chair. Ms Hann was appointed to the Halton Police Board as the Region’s civilian appointee on October 29, 2020. This is Ms. Hann’s second appointment to the Halton Regional Police Services Board where she previously served from 2017-2019 as the provincial appointee.

Police services Bd Jan 21

The Halton District Police Services Board meeting virtually.

The meeting took place virtually with three senior police officers taking part, including Chief Tanner.

Before going into a Closed Session to discuss the Chief travelling out of the country with permission from Burton when he was Chair when a lock down was in place several people had comments to make about the former Chair.

Knoll in commenting on the service Burton gave said “one error of judgement does not erase a legacy”.

Chief Tanner commented on how Burton pushed the Police Service to put more effort and resources into community safety and wellbeing.

Tanner added that he regretted the position Burton now finds himself in.

Chair Knoll said he was always impressed with how hard Burton worked to ensure that Peelian principles were in place and adhered to. Sir Robert Peel reformed and liberalised the criminal law and created the modern police force, leading to a new type of officer known in tribute to him as “bobbies” and “peelers”.

The Police Services Board is expected to release a statement sometime later today.

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3 comments to Police Services Board meets virtually and appoints new Chair – then goes into CLOSED session

  • Terence

    This gets better by the article. Here’s Knoll excusing Burton by stating that “one error of judgement does not erase a legacy”.

    This really begs the question “how big is a hole?” We really need some guidance from Knoll as to the severity of the “one error of judgement” that crosses his line and presumably the Board’s line.

    It is my understanding that Tanner, who reported to Burton (and hence the Board), left his position (with Burton’s approval) to travel to the US to settle the financial affairs of his girlfriend at a time when all public employees were essentially “confined to barracks”!

    I guess Knoll’s “one error of judgement” argument worked better for Tanner than it did for Burton – presumably the Board agreed with Knoll that Tanner had not crossed the same line that Burton tripped over. In fact, it appears that all that was needed to convince the bobble heads was “Chief Tanner’s apology for his decision to travel” and all was forgiven and forgotten.

    How Tanner got away with this is beyond my comprehension, but I would assume that his credibility in the rank and file and his moral standing in the community will certainly be adversely affected

    Perhaps Knoll should have said – “one error of judgement does not erase a legacy but it leaves an indelible scar” – as does his lame excuses

  • Roger

    so 1 DUI would be excuable?? where do we draw the line – fire him now

  • One error – yeah right – our files show differently!