Province spending millions on upgrades of surveillance equipment

By Staff

September 16th, 2022



Some people have a problem with a surveillance society – where almost every intersection in cities has camera posted that are monitored 24/7.

The technology is now at a point where anything anywhere can be under surveillance. Does it every get abused – Sometimes.

Ontario Investing in Video Surveillance Systems and funding for new equipment and improved technology that will enhance police efforts to prevent crime, especially gun and gang violence.

The moment police mention gun and gang violence – the public all too often says – how much do you need?

The Ontario government is investing almost $1.8 million to help 20 police services across the province expand video surveillance systems and better protect communities from the threat of gun and gang violence.

The Region of Halton isn’t getting any of that money – it already has some of the most sophisticated technology – but they don’t appear to be making much use of street level cameras (CCTV)

The funding is being delivered through the Ontario Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Grant Program and will be used to replace outdated equipment, expand or enhance current technology, and install new or additional CCTV surveillance cameras in areas where gun and gang violence and correlated crimes, such as drug and human trafficking, are most prevalent.

“Our government is determined to provide police services with the tools and resources they need to keep Ontarians safe,” said Solicitor General Michael Kerzner. “CCTV surveillance systems are an important part of local police work to detect, prevent and deter criminal activity, especially in areas of gun and gang violence and other serious crimes. This funding will help police services strengthen CCTV capacity and improve crime prevention efforts to better protect communities.”

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