Regional Group issues a Call to Action to get out the vote in October

By Staff

July 30th, 2022



On October 24, 2022, people across Ontario will have the privilege of casting their ballots for Mayor, Town and Regional Counsellors, School Trustees, and in Halton’s Case, the Regional Chair.

So few vote in our municipal elections. But it’s the level of government that has the greatest impact on the quality of our daily lives. From drinking water to waste management, emergency services to social services – our local and regional governments provide every day services that keep our communities safe.

A group of residents across Halton’s four municipalities are challenging all voters to participate in the Municipal Elections on October 24, 2022.

The 2022 Ontario Provincial Election saw an historically low voter turnout. While our current Premier was returned to power with 40.8% of the popular vote across Ontario, in reality, that represents only about 18% of eligible voters.*

A high voter turnout will provide our municipal and regional politicians with a strong mandate to advocate for our communities with all levels of government – Federal and Provincial.

 Halton can do better. This is a CALL TO ACTION

A website has been set up to energize the Halton electorate and challenge residents to get out and vote. It is not a partisan site. It is not designed to promote any single politician or support party interests.

Visitors will not be asked for money.

The site does deliver information encouraging interested individuals to register to run in the elections, and will provide easy-to-access candidate information to all Halton voters.

The goal: to be a reliable and trusted “go-to” source for Halton Municipal Election information.

Mary T. Cardamone, a real estate sales representative at The Cardamone Group is the founding sponsor of the site, and is challenging other businesses and individuals across Halton to join the effort.

“I love Oakville, and I love Halton,” says Cardamone, “and that’s why volunteering in our communities, and voting in elections is so important to me.

We need to show everyone that local government matters. I am throwing out a challenge not only to Halton, but to residents across Ontario to make the next municipal elections matter.

We can and will do better in 2022.”

For more information, visit the website at, or email us at



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1 comment to Regional Group issues a Call to Action to get out the vote in October

  • Bob Kerr

    A great article From all the bitching and complaining I hear and read, I cannot get my head around the apathy of the voting public. As the old saying goes, If you don’t vote you have no right to complain. Come on people and make your voices heard!!