Shawn Pennell granted Absolute Discharge in Superior Court for Failing to provide the necessities of life to his 3 year old son.

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January 29th, 2019



Justice Sullivan this morning granted Shaun Pennell an Absolute Discharge for the criminal offence he had been charged with and to which he pled guilty; namely Failing to provide the necessities of life to a person under the age of 15.

Pennell had also been charged with Criminal Negligence; that charge was dropped.

Pennell will not have a criminal record as a result of the Absolute Discharge..

Full details on the way the Crown prosecutor handled the case and how defence lawyer Brian Greenspan handled the defence and the comments Justice Sullivan made during her sentencing will follow.

Pennell in handcuffs

Shaun Pennell being escorted by police at the scene of the death of his son.

Pennell’s son Wyatt was left in a car unattended on a hot day for a significant period of time on May 23rd, 2018. When police were able to get into the car, the boy, three and a half at the time was unresponsive.

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6 comments to Shawn Pennell granted Absolute Discharge in Superior Court for Failing to provide the necessities of life to his 3 year old son.

  • Penny

    This man may not have been sentenced to jail, but he is living in jail every day. Do you think that he will ever get over this? Not a day will go by where this will not affect him. He has been sentenced to “life”, just not in jail.

    • Roger

      Fact – he left his child in a car seat when he left the car – how does one forget their child in a car – pet owners would be serve a harsher penalty – an absolute discharge is not justice – there must be a penalty

      • Lynn Crosby

        Unfortunately this happens and has happened here and elsewhere. It is a tragedy and probably a sign of the times where people are so busy that something like this can be forgotten. Often it happens when one parent usually is the one who takes the child in the morning, and then the other one does one day and simply forgets, as it is so quiet, and they forget they didn’t drop the child off. I read a very good idea that some police forces have suggested to try to prevent this. If you are putting a child or baby in the back, put your briefcase/purse/phone back there as well. Then you must go and open the back door to get your things and you will see the child. The fact that this suggestion exists tells you that this happens. I agree with Penny that his suffering must be immeasurable, will never cease, and putting him in jail serves no purpose. I am glad he isn’t going to jail.

    • Phillip Wooster

      Iagree Penny. The hell this individual goes through everyday is worse than any criminal penalty that could have been imposed on him. I am a bit worried though about the precedent this may set.

  • Roger

    A discharge – there should be prison time – 30 / 90 days at a minimum – a discharge – on penalty

  • Yolanda

    If he was single and racialized he’d be facing at least 20 years in prison.