Solidarity March to take place this afternoon along New Street.

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June 4th, 2020



A Solidarity March to raise awareness of anti-black racism in the community and across North America, is being held tonight, Thursday, June 4, between 5-7 p.m. in Burlington.

The peaceful march will begin at Walkers Line and New Street and will end at Burlington city hall, 426 Brant St.

The March in Kitchener drew thousands.

KW march

The march in Kitchener earlier this week was massive – thousands

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9 comments to Solidarity March to take place this afternoon along New Street.

  • J. Gallagher-Bell

    Count me as a proud Grandma and octogenarian (80 years young) plus a resident. If the youth of today recognize the Now of today how will the future be improved?

  • Howard

    Based on the pictures, (some posted by the mayor on her Twitter) social distancing was waved for the march. But erecting fences on the beach is a necessity. Once again another opportunity for MMW to shine the spotlight on herself for her well behaved minions. She is a hypocrite. Burlington can easily demonstrate solidarity to combat racism also by staying home and placing a sign on our porches and windows. BLM. Remember what Canadians did when the Humbolt tragedy took place. Hockey sticks were everywhere at front doors. This sort of demonstration during these times would be more prudent.

  • Helen Skinner

    The topic is not up for debate. I agree…Black lives matter.
    My concern during this pandemic is the businesses who are striving to stay open. They have spent money installing protective plexiglass and personal protective wear and continue to have staff acting as ambassadors making sure that customers keep 6 feet apart (even if you are wearing a mask). As we know, masks are not 100% full proof. Many people are afraid. On my daily walks…MANY people ensure social distancing…they are wearing a mask, are outside but will walk out into the road to pass.
    Our beach/park is under lock and key with monstrous fencing to ensure that all citizens are banned from land/water. Yesterday’s protest (for good cause) did not allow for social distancing. Where is the logic? We have been kept indoors for weeks; we have suffered financially, businesses are struggling or closing, our grandchildren will be paying for the government’s Covid19 Emergency funding, our schools are shut, our salons, families have not seen each other for weeks, many have not felt a hug since March…and proof…just like that a protest with no social distancing.

    • Kyle

      To break down your comment, it seems the root of your concern is ‘..did not allow for social distancing’, and ‘…no social distancing’. The protest was outdoors, in an wide open space, 4 km long, and for a short period of time. The organizers requested everyone wear masks, and from what I experienced, most did. Most people kept their distance, except for those that appeared to be a part of a family unit. The picture in this article is taken at an angle that shows distance and numbers, which looks like people are close together, if you look at pictures taken from participants marching, or from overhead, then you will get a better picture of the separation.

  • Kyle

    For the most part people had masks on and were a fair distance apart. It was organized, peaceful, and had a lot of community support

    • Helen Skinner

      So I guess masks would allow us to use our beach and parks.
      I was on my evening walk…witnessed it with my own eyes. Sorry…from my angle…disagree

      • Kyle

        Sorry Helen, you are absolutly wrong. I was a part of it start to finish. Oh hey, did you know that parks are open, stores are open, coffee shops are open, many other things are open? Did you know you can go outside, go for a walk or bike ride, just about anywhere you want? Just wear a mask and keep your distance and there is very little risk. The beach? … ya, it’s opening up soon as well and guess what, you’ll need to wear a mask and distance yourself from others that are not in your family group. That is exactly how the march was. Whatever your root problem is against this march, it was necessary, it was morally right, and it was executed safely.

  • Etts Price

    Since it is evident that ‘social distancing’ won’t be able to be observed, hopefully the organizers will insist that at least masks be worn and provide them for those who come without one or turn them away. The cause is great and worthwhile, but the health of everyone else they will come into contact with, in the next 2 weeks, is important too. Marching smart could save lives right here in Burlington…

    • Jim Young

      The organisers advised that masks and gloves be worn and that safe distancing be practiced.
      Difficult to do that with thousands of enthusiastic young people defending human rights.
      Etts makes a good point about safety in a covid era. But we must remember … George Floyd survived Covid 19….. He did not survive racist policing.
      Young people putting their health at risk to defend ouf human rights is brave …. If youthfully careless.
      I’m with the young folks. I’m 70 years old, a high covid risk … and I joined them today.
      Their willingness to put themselves at risk defending the rights of others gives me cause for optimism for youth … Who are …. after all ….. Our Future.