Trevor Copp producing Journey to the East - on stage at the Performing Arts Centre - Copp rarely disappoints.

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November 2, 2017



We work in the dark. We make sense of what we can. But we don’t know what we have until we hear from you.

Tottering - Journey plusThat’s Trevor Todd asking that you “Come to see our workshop on the longest process of Tottering Biped’s history: Journey to the East, inspired by Herman Hesse’s novella.

The date got changed – we have no idea what the original date was – but it is now November 8th at 7pm at the Performing Arts Centre.

Journey to the East Follows a WWI refugee fleeing the trenches of France. Loosely based on Hermann Hesse’s novella.  It is a meditation on the spiritual aftermath of war.

Ticket price can’t be beat: Pay-What-You-Want.

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