Well, this time it wasn’t a glitch.
Someone made a stupid decision.

BURLINGTON, ON  February 12, 2011

The tap got turned off due to an inappropriate and rash decision.  The result of that decision, which we didn’t make, meant that the “newspaper on a web site” was ‘unavailable’. We all do dumb things at different points in our lives.

It is going to take a few days to get everything re-installed but for the time being – here we are –  back again with full control of our system.

While we were away, The Pier mess inched forward a bit, the Mayor did some traveling, those soccer Moms are working things out and the Waterfront Advisory Committee held another meeting which we were unable to cover.  We have a story on the Kilbride community that is near completion and want to tell you about an absolutely magnificent example of citizen participation and engagement that we watched take place.  We will update you on all this and more when we can get back to where we were before the …uh…incident.

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