This privacy policy has been revised:

If you send us editorial material, we have to know who you are and we have to be able to be in touch with you by email.

If you choose to leave a comment on anything we publish we need to be able to reach you at a valid email address.  You would be surprised at the number of people who send in a comment but do not want us to be able to contact them.  We are strong believers in having the courage of your convictions.

Anyone leaving a comment can create and use an ID name.  That is the only name that appears in the comments section of each story.

We will over time collect a significant number of email addresses. Those addresses are for our internal use and will never be loaned or even shown to anyone else – and should you want your name taken out of our email data base a simple letter or email to the publisher – and zappo – it will be removed.

We will never divulge information about writers to anyone other than to list the ID name they choose to use. If someone calls us to be in touch with a writer we will pass the name of the caller along to the writer and the writer can decide if they wish to respond.

However, when a person who comments chooses to be less than candid about who they are when they make a comment we will make an Editor’s note and help readers understand who the comment came from.


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