A perfect spring weekend in the city - were you there?

By Staff May 17th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   How well did Burlingtonians behave on Sunday when the weather was about as good as it gets […]

Metrolinx staff make a young women’s final wish to operate a train come true

metrolinx asrani h&s

By Anne Marie Aikins May 17th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Transit vehicles, especially big commuter trains, can inspire imagination and even a bit of awe. […]

We have a Mayor who does not walk her talk - ducks the opportunity to support local news

Meed ward looking askance

By Pepper Parr May 17th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Tuesday afternoon, tomorrow, Mayor Marianne Meed Ward will take her seat in Council Chambers as Chair […]

Victoria Day: What’s open and closed at the City of Burlington

kids running

By Staff May 17th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   City of Burlington administrative services will be closed for Victoria Day on Monday, May 24. For a […]

Is there a solution to what gets done with North Aldershot?

rural - urban - NA

By Tom Muir May 16th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON Part 1 of a series. The North Aldershot/Eagle Heights issue is not only a Regional issue, but […]

A day filled with sunshine - Spencer Smith Park was busy but not packed

kids in turnstyle

By Staff May 16th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Facing the lake and tempting the waves on bright sunny day. What a beautiful day it was! […]

Lakeside Plaza still has some life in it.

Lakeside Plaza May 14

By Staff May 14th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Lakeside Plaza has not been sold, is not for sale but was put on hold while the […]

Temporary Lane Restrictions - Glastonbury Road plus

road closed

By Staff May 14th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON Temporary Lane Restrictions – Glastonbury Road, Tintagel Lane, Cotswold Crescent, Montgomery Drive, Shropshire Place, Lynington Court, and Tweedsmuir […]

Ward Councillor talks to his constituents virtually - forgets to tell them he will seek re-election

Aldershot Village sign Plains Rd

By Pepper Parr May 14th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Being in a situation where every event that takes place to advise and inform people has […]

People of Burlington know how to follow the rules

LaSalle man reading in sunshine shorts

By Staff May 14th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   When left to following the rules most Burlingtonians comply. A Gazette reporter/photographer got out into the parks […]

Police marine patrol watching the Beachway on Thursday

police boat May 13

By Staff May 14th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Boat from the Regional Police Marine unit were cruising the waters opposite the Beachway. While Halton Regional […]

Temporary Lane Restrictions - Waterdown Road north from Craven

waterdown road

By Staff May 12th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   From May 12 to Nov. 26, 2021, there will be temporary lane closures as hydro pole relocation […]

Long term growth plan for Burlington

skyline - Molinaro site

By Pepper Parr May 12th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON In an earlier version of this article we neglected to mention that ward 1 Councillor Galbraith did […]

Mayor says the parks are open - some private community parks are not open

Georgian - closed playground

By Staff May 12th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   The parks were closed by the province; then they were opened when the province realized the closing […]

Halton municipalities asking province to safely open outdoor activities

Regional boundaries

By Staff May 11th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   The Mayors of the four Region of Halton and the Chair of the Region reiterate their call […]

Having police in place when they are really needed

Halton police - good angle

By Pepper Parr May 11, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   There is a comment in the Gazette from a former police officer who served for 30 […]

Taxpayer funds are expected to support the golf course going forward

Tayandaga golf course

By Pepper Parr May 10th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON This is a little on the long side – important because it points to the way the […]

Halton Region opening new COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic in Burlington

needle and vaccine

By Staff May 10th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   On Wednesday, May 12, Halton Region will open a new COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at Gary Allan Learning […]

Time to Put Some Backbone Behind the Motto the Regional Police Have.

Chief Tanner hard look

By Pepper Parr May 10th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON OPINION The weather is getting warmer; the desire to get outside and enjoy the weather gets stronger […]

Aerial spraying of pesticides to curb gypsy moth infestations

aerial spraying gypsy moth

By Staff May 10th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON A gypsy-moth as a caterpillar   As part of its Integrated Pest Management program, the City of Burlington […]

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