Congratulations - you are now Canadian citizens

Ron and the flags with medals

By Pepper Parr July 1st, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Canada Day is a good time to think about Citizenship. Those of us born in Canada […]

Canada Day: Make it a trip to the Farmer's Market in the early morning and stick around for the Drive Thru Ribfest

Many people see the Terry Fox run as a unique thing that happened in Canada and was the result of one Canadian's supreme effort.  The Canadian flag just seems to be a part of the event - and there were plenty of them handed out.

By Staff July 1st, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   There is more to do than expected. The Lakeshore Rotary got creative and pivoted from the fall […]

The Catalpa tree said Good Morning to me as I walked back to the house with my newspaper in my hand.

Tree flowering close up

By Pepper Parr June 30th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   There are more people into gardening this year than most years. The nurseries sold out early. […]

If you like to be outdoors and gardening appeals to you - the Food Bank has an opportunity for you

Bailey Food Bank March 31-20

By Pepper Parr June 30, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The Burlington Food Bank will be closed on Canada Day. They deserve a bit if a […]

How about a Speakeasy on Old Lakeshore Road ? Space is for rent

Emma lease notice

By Pepper Par June 30th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Site includes a parking lot. Interested in opening and operating a Speakeasy? There is a space […]

Canada Day will be different - this year we will have to decide just how we individually want to celebrate. Start with a rack of ribs in a parking lot

CanDay showing the flag

By Staff June 30th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Canada Day this year isn’t going to be the same. This year’s Celebrations will be unique. For […]

Public Health data good - the people of Burlington are listening.

covid virus

By Pepper Parr June 30th,2020 Burlington, ON   The notice at the top of the update on Covid19 infections – set out in red was […]

Councillor moving to undelegate the Site Review of a massive residential mixed use development on Fairview

Seven buildings - not that much in park space and a layout that reflects what developers put up in the 50's

By Pepper Parr June 29th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The public is going to get a chance to see what that massive development on Fairview […]

2021 will have a bright spot for Burlington in it - The Pearle will prove to be the hottest spot in town.


By Pepper Parr June 29th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   It is a construction site right now.   The reflecting pool in the Centre will be […]

Summer in the city - coping with COVID19

kids making sand pool

By Pepper Parr June 29th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON’ The Gazette web site, we call it our press room, is undergoing a security upgrade. The content […]

Woman sexually assaulted in Duncaster Park, Burlington

Duncaster Park

By Staff June 26th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON On Friday, members of the Halton Regional Police Service were contacted after a woman was approached while in […]

Hospital visiting hours expanded - hospital’s post-partum unit to have better access on July 2

Hospital support sign

By Staff June 26th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Things are opening up and easing up around the city. Starting Monday, June 29th, Joseph Brant Hospital […]

Covid19 Data up to End of Day on June 24, 2020

Fig 5

By Staff June 26th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   We are holding our own – but there are situations that are falling between the cracks. We […]

Theft of Land Rover following Intentional Motor Vehicle Collision Leaves owner Standing in the Road Stunned

HRPS crest

By Staff June 26th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   It all happened so fast – by the time it was over there she was standing in […]

Roadways are now going to be available to pedestrians - city doing what they can to accommodate the number of new popup patios.

Is Brant street going to see some class A office space or will it always retail that is consistetly chalenged to be viable?

By Staff June 26th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   With the downtown area now open for all kinds of new sidewalk patios – the tussle between […]

It's all digital for the planners - one of the benefits that has come out of the pandemic

digitize documents

By Staff June 26th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The City of Burlington is now able to digitally review and finalize decisions for all types of […]

Northern Ontario Casino scene undergoing major changes.


By George Keburia June 25th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Casinos across Northern Ontario are hoping to be able to re-open soon amid COVID-19 uncertainty […]

School is out - it wasn't in for a good part of the school year.

Dan and Nicki - masks

By Nicki St George June 26th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON Nicki St George was one of two parents who wrote regularly during those months that children […]

We can grow through this experience.

Green beans - row

By Pepper Parr June 25th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   People at the Burlington Food Bank are noticing a change in the conversations they are having […]

Mayor has become a dog with a bone - doing everything she can to prevent a developer from getting an extension he is entitled to.

Garden Trail Phase 2

By Pepper Parr June 25th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   That request for an extension from EMSHIH Developments and their Garden Trails II development is getting […]