Bateman – litter and a smoke + coffee

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2 comments to Bateman – litter and a smoke + coffee

  • Our community does not appreciate an article presenting Robert Bateman high school students as being uneducated or disrespectful. The assumptions made and suggested in the article by segmenting the students into “cliche’s” was unethical. Then writing an article based on little observation and a short conversation with one student leaves little to no integrity to the story. Nor does it assist the students with their protest or properly inform the community of a final outcome.

    On a personal note I did not appreciate having my photo taken without my permission and then being publicized.


    A disappointed student at RBHS

  • batemanstudent

    Pepper Parr, you are an absolutely talentless journalist. To come to Bateman with the intention of covering a perfectly honorable protest and focus the article entirely upon students who I’m sure gave you no permission to post them in the paper, labelling them “swishy” and questioning their intelligence. Who do you really think you are? “Chris Bishop – certainly a football player given his size”… I don’t believe that his size has anything to do with this protest, and your wannabe innocent comment simply makes you sound like one of us – a teenager. As does your grammar: “The women on the field hockey team with their sticks in hand as well as the “couple” that have something going.” – where does this sentence connect? Excuse me for using your expression – but don’t you read?

    You do not deserve the title of “journalist” – verbally attacking innocent people for the sake of making your article of slightly more interest. I truly hope that in the future, you stick to the real issues.

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