Those Charged by Provincial Police as a result of the month long investigation.

By Staff December 2nd, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Twenty seven 27 policing partners conducted 255 investigations, completed 168 search warrants and seized 1,032 devices during […]

Integrity Commissioner decides to close the file on a conflict of interest complaint filed by a constituent

By Staff December 1, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   The following is the Integrity Commissioners disposition of a complaint made by Tom Muir against Councillor Kelvin […]

Were developers tipped of about the plans to opening more Greenbelt lands for housing.

By Staff November 30th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Reproduced from the Toronto Star Ontario’s embattled Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister, Steve Clark, insisted proper […]

Adi Developments to resume building and selling new homes: settlement reached with the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA)

By Staff November 30th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Adi Developments announce today that a settlement of all outstanding regulatory issues has been reached with the […]

Council corrects a mistake - mumbles an apology and takes 600 Brant off the Heritage Registry.

By Pepper Parr November 30th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   I was a very short meeting – 27 minutes And unless we misread the background of […]

Mayor appears to be using the air waves to get her points across

By Pepper Parr November 29th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   An Aldershot resident sent the following email. Mayor Marianne Meed Ward “I was just informed that […]

Millions of records, a couple dozen hits - Trooper will be on Stage February 23rd - tickets available to non - members December 2.

By Staff November 29th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   There is a reason for being a member of the Performing Arts Centre. You get to be […]

For those who wanted more about the volunteering opportunities - read on

By Staff November 29th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   A Gazette reader read the piece about the city inviting people to serve as volunteers on boards […]

Political wisdom is out there for the taking; several quotations that should be in the reading list of every member of Council

By Pepper Parr November 28th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   From time to time the Gazette has made reference to several well known quotes. A favourite […]

When did four Councillors decide to focus on the interests of each other rather than the interests of the people they were elected to serve ?

By Pepper Parr November 28th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   They did win – we have to give them that. What we got out of the […]

City Looking for Volunteers to Serve on Advisory Committees

By Staff November 28th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington Staff member Michelle Dwyer, second from left with Roland Tanner, second from right discussing the role […]

The positions different members of council have taken is a pretty sticky wicket

By Pepper Parr November 27th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON OPINION A reader brought to our attention what might be what the British call a sticky wicket. […]

Insurrection in Ottawa: Prime Minister explains why he did what he did

By Ray Rivers November 27th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   It was a rare moment for a prime minister to appear before a judicial commission like […]

A majority of Council supports Galbraith; are they attempting to influence the Integrity Commissioner

By Staff November 26th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The following is a column written by Joan Little for the Hamilton Spectator. Following the column is […]

City issues a Redesign, adaptive re-use and costing plan proposed for former Bateman High School

By Staff November 25th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON This document was released by the city at 4:45 this afternoon. A comprehensive staff report for the redesign […]

How did Burlington rank on a parkland study?

By Staff November 24th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   New research has revealed Canada’s greenest cities, with Prince Albert coming out on top. The study by […]

City will require all staff to wear masks - effective November 28th

By Pepper Parr November 23rd, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   There was nothing formal from the city. What we got was a screen shot of what […]

Three year olds get to test drive kindergarten - virtually

By Staff November 22nd, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Exploring a classroom. Starting school is a big step for children and parents/guardians. The Halton District School […]

How does a referee control a football game? Dave Foxcroft: We don't 'we let the game come to us and keep it as calm as possible'

By Pepper Parr November 22. 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   It was a cliff hanger of a game right up until the last few seconds. Two […]

Fifteen years ago - Burlington Green was formed - a commendable record of achievement.

By Staff November 22, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington Green was formed 15 years ago. A snapshot of what they have done in that time. […]