Burlington is about to get its day in the sunshine. When the daffodils burst into bloom – our guys will head to Toronto to tell our story.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. January 8, 2014 The people who believe they matter in this city are going to travel to Queen’s Park […]

Province moving grocery voucher money from Toronto to Burlington – not quite enough to fill a Brink’s truck.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON January 7, 2014 To assist with the financial burden of the ice storm on those with limited incomes, the Province […]

Police arrest two from Hamilton and charge them with series of home break and entry offences.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON January 7, 2013 Two imports from Hamilton may not be going home soon. They were arrested in connection to a […]

Region wil handle the distribution of food cards for those that lost everything during the power outage.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON January 7, 2014 In the world of social benefits and pension December is a different month. The federal government sends […]

Police given authorization to publish picture of youth suspected of grabbing the buttocks of a 13year old girl.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON January 7, 2014 The Regional Police Service has done something we don’t see very often; they published the photograph of […]

Number of people charged with drinking and driving offences during holiday period basically the same as 2012.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. January 6, 2014 The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) reported a significant drop in the number of impaired driving charges officers […]

The Mayor officially announces he will run for a second term; the only member of Council to do so at 3:00 pm on Monday.

By Staff January 6, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON The Mayor wants to keep his job – he threw hit hat into the ring this morning. […]

That Free P was a good idea – did it work? Maybe. You will be able to P free in Downtown Burlington every Saturday for the rest of the year.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. January 6, 2014 The Free P is over. You have to put coins in those parking meters today and […]

Intelligent comment, the sharing of views, the building of community: how are we doing so far?

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON January 4, 2014 When we began publishing an on-line newspaper for Burlington the hope was that we would better […]

The best and the worst decisions Burlington made in 2013: Air Park decision was the best; agreeing to sell waterfront property the worst.

By Pepper Parr Burlington, ON. January 4, 2014 This is the time of year when everyone thinks about the year that came to an […]

Nominations for elected office come in slowly; no rush from those already in office. Could it be the cold weather?

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. January 4, 2014 There was certainly no rush of current council members to file their nomination papers indicating they will […]

Bank bandit evades police and German shepherd from the canine unit. BMO on Brant was robbed.

By Pepper Parr January 3, 2014, Burlington, ON. It was just after 1:30 pm. I was driving up John Street into the Plaza on […]

Rivers on 2014 and what lies ahead. We will check in as we roll through the year and see how well he prognosticates.

By Ray Rivers January 3, 2014, Burlington, on. Oil will dominate much of the Canadian agenda this coming year, as it did last. Expect […]

First nomination for the municipal election filed at city hall; Henshell puts her hat in the ring for the Ward 1 seat.

January 2, 2014, Burlington, ON. By Pepper Parr Maybe it was the weather. Parking spots for members of city council were empty except for […]

How to handle that Red Nose – Region issues a cold weather alert.

By Staff Burlington, ON December 31, 2013. Not sure how these two managed to get together – but if ever there was a natural […]

I didn’t know that – didn’t want to know THAT. Ontario has fewer civil servants than anyone else. Fees for almost everything to go UP^

    By Staff December 31, 2013 BURLINGTON, ON. Ontario has the lowest number of public sector employees per capita. In 2012, Ontario had […]

Just over a day left to make your United Way contribution if you want the tax return for 2013.

December 30, 2013 By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. Has all the wrapping paper been cleaned up and put out for the waste collection people? Are […]

Identity thieves find a new angle – if your security software is up to date it will help block this kind of crap.

December 30, 2013 By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. It doesn’t take the identity thieves and the bank scammers very long to find a new angle. This […]

We made it through the ice storm: power now on throughout the city.

December 30, 2013 By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. Gerry Smallegange, Burlington Hydro’s CEO, had dinner with his family Sunday night. The last home in […]

Ray Rivers looks at 2013; saw scandal, corruption, a new Pope and a political leader who will expand our smoking choices.

December 30, 2013 By Ray Rivers BURLINGTON, ON. There is no question that Rob Ford was Canada’s newsmaker of the year. The chief magistrate […]