Henry is back - City awards Nelson Pool contract to the company that began the construction of The Pier. That is good news but don't expect to hear that from most of the council members.

sportsgold 100x100By Pepper Parr

March 27th, 2017



A resident sent us a note a few days ago asking why the contractor first hired to build THE Pier and then walked off the job was hired to build the new swimming pool at Nelson

“I was surprised to learn that this project was awarded to Schilthuis Construction Inc.”

Henry Schilthuis quit the Pier construction site because he realized that the plans he was given by the city were such that a successful pier could not be built.

It took a Judge who mediated a decision on who was wrong where and who was accountable. The blame rested with the company that provided the drawings the contractor had to work from.

Nelson pool rendering

A rendering of the Nelson swimming pool – will it e open in time for the warm weather.

Schilthuis was the contractor – not the designer of the pier. When it became evident that the plans had serious problems Schilthuis brought those problems to the attention of the city and offered a solution that would fix the problems.

The city decided it didn’t like the cost of the fix and sued – Schilthuis counter sued and then everyone was hiring lawyers. In the end the insurance companies ended up paying for the mistakes.

Cam Jackson, the Mayor at the time didn’t help matters with some of his comments.

Pier crane down

When a crane toppled on the Pier the flaws in the steel that was used became evident – that is when everyone went looking for a lawyer and the contractor gave the keys to the site back to the city.

Schilthuis had a rough couple of years while the case was before the Courts. During that time every one of his sub-contractors stood by him – which is more than can be said for the Jackson voters.

Then incoming Mayor Rick Goldring found that he had a messy file on his desk.  Neither he nor his council came out of it all with much in the way of glory.  Schilthuis offered the city a solution that was less than what the city had to pay a second contractor – but at that time no one was touching Henry Schilthuis.

The city made one of its smarter moves when they gave Schilthuis the contract. The city will get value for the money it pays and the public will have a fine pool – that will be built on time.

Ward 4 Councillor Jack Dennison told his constituents in his newsletter that:
“Prior to the contractor being awarded this project, staff prequalified contractors who had extensive experience with collegiate pools and splash pads. Submissions were received and evaluated and qualified contractors were approved to bid the tender of the construction work. Schilthuis General Contractors was the lowest and most compliant bid and offered the best value.

“Schilthuis General Contractors have been in business for over 65 years and have worked with the City of Burlington on other previous projects over the years such as Aldershot Arena Renovations and Aldershot Pool Renovations.

When evaluating a General Contractor staff also evaluates their Construction Team assigned to the project includes a project manager who has worked with Schilthuis in the past.

The city is in good hands on this one

None of the key players in the building of The Pier the first time around are with the city now.

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