The Beachway will be the place to be - but it can only accommodate so many people

By Staff July 10th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   In her newsletter A Better Burlington, Mayor Marianne Meed Ward praises that jewel of a beach iin […]

Region holds onto its bond/credit rating - a successful track record of more than 30 years

Nothing in the Region will be able to open up - maybe next week.

By Pepper Parr July 10th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Regional Chair Gary Carr – as proud as a new father over the credit/bond rating There […]

Senior Liberal Party officials should begin planning for a leadership convention - Justin's time is up

Liberal party logo

By Pepper Parr July 10th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Margaret Trudeau at a WE Charity event. The Prime Minister’s mother, Margaret Trudeau, gets paid $250,000 […]

Now that we are really politically correct do we take the Joseph Brant name off the hospital and never erect a statute in his name?

In this portrait Joseph Brant is seen wearing the gorget given to him by King George III.  That gorget is the most important piece in the collection at the Joseph Brant Museum.

By Joseph A Gaetan July 10th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, Sir Winston Churchill, Sir John A MacDonald, Henry Dundas-1st Viscount, Peter […]

Mayor goes public with her mask.

Mator in a mask

By Pepper Parr July 9th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The Mayor wasn’t all that keen on the idea of wearing a face mask. She […]

Beachway parking problem has resulted in much stronger enforcement and some pretty stiff fines.

Beach with canal bride

By Pepper Parr July 9th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   It was a full day’s work for members of city council today – they began at […]

Home values are rising again, and they are selling quickly - condo market not as healthy

Real Estate 5 100

By Staff July 9th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   According to the Rocca Sisters -a real estate agency, the pandemic that has turned our world upside […]

A Council committee voted for a bylaw that would make face masks mandatory - with a long list of exceptions - it goes to Council on Monday.

mask envelope

By Pepper Parr July 9th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Well – they passed it at Standing Committee. After three solid hours of debate during which […]

The story behind how Burlington welcomed Terry Fox in 1980 - First in a series.

Greg running

Terry Fox as he passed through Burlington on July 13th, 1980. The Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research, an annual event in Burlington since 1981, […]

Mayor says 'great news' - look that gift horse in the mouth.

Meed Ward hands out frnt city hall

By Pepper Parr July 9th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   In her A Better Burlington newsletter Mayor Marianne Meed Ward said: “We received great news from […]

Road Closure: North Shore Boulevard East, July 18 - 19, 2020


By Staff July 8th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   North Shore Boulevard will be fully closed in both directions for bridge demolition work beginning Saturday, July […]

Ward Councillor and Mayor sponsoring a motion that will require people to wear face masks

MMW + SS heads

By Pepper Parr July 7th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Sit down for this one. At a meeting on Thursday Council is going to consider the […]

Some council members are finding that the Mayor isn't quite what was advertised.

Full council

By Pepper Parr July 8th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The Mayor was in a bit of a bind. She was, uncharacteristically, tip toeing around the […]

Deep Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program has council excited - staff puts forward a time line council wants to change. This is a biggy - but awkward administratively.

home renovation work

By Pepper Parr July 6th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON If you don’t own a house or are not interested in upgrading your property and contributing to […]

Courageous response by an assault victim leads to arrest.

HRPS crest

By Staff July 6th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The Halton Regional Police Service has made an arrest in relation to an assault against an 18 […]

Terry Fox run, usually held in September is going to go virtual in July and August


By Staff July 6th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   We live at a time when almost everything is virtual. It’s an odd feeling. How do you […]

It is Time to Wear a Mask. If Governments will not act to protect us, we must protect each other.

By Jim Young July 6, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   As we watch our neighbours to the south descend into self-inflicted chaos over their refusal to […]

Mayor now says she has the support of the MOH for a face mask bylaw. She also has a motion planned for a meeting next week.


By Staff July 4th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The Gazette published an opinion piece on the difficulty Mayor Marianne Meed Ward was having on the […]

To mask or not to mask - Mayor isn't going to lead on this issue. The downside on this one is something we will all pay for.

Meed ward looking askance

By Pepper Parr July 4th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   On the matter of face masks that many commercial establishments require you to wear when you […]

An amazing graphic looks at a disease that has brought the world to a halt - and we don't yet know how to beat it.

SA Fig First then numbered.

By Staff July 4th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   There is some absolutely fascinating graphic material on the novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease it causes […]