Why are the bank charges on candidate election finances reports so high for the ward 1 Councillor ?

By Pepper Parr May 16th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON Part 4 of a series It is called a Form 4, the document every candidate who ran […]

A public service non-profit attracting accolades. Library recognized as a Best Workplace for Giving Back

By Staff May 16th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington Public Library has been recognized as an outstanding non-profit with two recent accolades. First, the Library […]

Visiting the Beachway this weekend? You will have to pay for parking

By Staff May 16th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON Warm weather and a long weekend will draw hundreds to the popular Beachway Park. The location draws hundreds […]

Gazette brings in an editorial cartoonist - he will be with us once every week.

By Pepper Parr May 16th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Cartoon Bob He is known is as Cartoon Bob – he earns his living is as […]

Freeman Station: An Open House on the 20th

By Staff May 15th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Freeman Station is having an Open House this coming Saturday. The folks that saved the pile of […]

Rents are not coming down: the pressures on all forms of accommodation spell a tough period ahead.

By Staff May 15th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Average asking rents in Canada rose 20 per cent in April for all property types to $2,002 […]

Warm weather, water, parks and places to pay - be prepared to pay for the parking in the Beachway, Lowville and LaSalle if you are putting a boat in the water

By Staff May 15th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington has paid parking and reservation programs in three popular City parks to help with parking demand […]

Matching the significant election campaign donations with development applications

By Pepper Parr May 15th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON Part 3 of a series on election financing At the time of publication, the Gazette had received […]

Owner of a Heritage home on Lakeshore suggests the city opt for moving designated properties if they can't come to some agreement with the property owners.

By Pepper Parr May 14th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington struggles with how to save some of the heritage properties in the city. It seems […]

Hospital Foundation gets a new lead partner - Alinea ponies up $100,000 for the business sector to match

By Staff May 14th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   The Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation’s More Than Just a Business campaign has a new partner. Alinea Group […]

Reserved weekend parking in effect at Lowville Park starting May 20 - Free but you will need a reservation for the gates to open

By Staff May 14th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Be reminded that visitors to Lowville Park must first reserve their free parking spot for park visits. […]


By Staff May 14th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON M-O-T-H-E-R “M” is for the million things she gave me, “O” means only that she’s growing old, “T” […]

Heritage Preservation in Burlington - this it appears is as far as we can go

By Pepper Parr May 13th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   John Reilly,the staff member who stick handles all the heritage issues explained at a Standing Committee […]

Region wants to listen to what people want in the way of a Community Climate Plan

By Staff May 13th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Imagine a future where the community of Halton takes meaningful action on climate change. HEN: Halton Environmental […]

Service Disruption - City's telephone service - May 12, 2023 - No ringy-dingys with City Hall phone system

By Staff May 12th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   The City’s telephone service will be temporarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance on Friday, May 12, between 9 […]

What Toronto Investors Need to Do to Solidify Their Investments

  By Jacob Robinson May 10th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Investing in Toronto can be lucrative, but it also requires careful planning and strategic […]

Bloom Bar at Mapleview for Mothers Day - running from the 11th to the 13th

By Staff May 12th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Mapleview Shopping Centre sent us a picture of the floral-filled activation location at which people can celebrate […]

Forget the flowers - your Mother might want to go fishing instead - province has made it free for the day

By Staff May 11th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   To kick off the spring fishing season, families, fishing enthusiasts and first-time anglers across Ontario can celebrate […]

Why did they donate this much money to a Burlington councillor in an election most voters ignored

By Pepper Parr May 11, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON Part 2 of a series When we reviewed Councillor Galbraith’s audited campaign financials, available now on the […]

Boats will be launched at LaSalle Park this weekend.

By Staff May 11th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   LaSalle Park Community Marina and public boat launch opening May 13 LaSalle Park – bring about a […]