The Shuffling the Deck that everyone else called a Cabinet could just as well have been called a stacking of the deck.

By Ray Rivers BURLINGTON, ON. July 18, 2013. It’s was a good day for the Ottawa printing houses. They were busy churning out new […]

This was something to quibble over Mr. Wallace; and you should have known that, instead you spouted the party line.

    BY Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. July 18, 2013. Our MP, Mile Wallace, was in an environment that suits his personality. Flipping burgers and […]

Air Park: city is on top of what is turning out to be a horse that is bucking like crazy.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. July 18, 2013. The city’s team managing the problems with the Burlington Executive Air Park were to meet today […]

Beachway and Brant Street beaches not safe for swimming.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. July 18, 2013. While not hazardous, the water in Lake Ontario at the Burlington area beaches is described as “not […]

Dennison declares a conflict on a matter held in a closed session of Council – how was that possible?

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. July 17, 2013. There are usually three of us at the Media table in city council chambers and from […]

A banner with McNeil’s name will hang from the rafters of the Appleby Arena recognizing his contribution to local minor hockey.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. July 17, 2013. The cheque was indeed in the mail – a big one that put $20,000 into the Burlington […]

Motorcyclist gets clocked at 155 km/h in a 50 km/h zone; police officer finds him trying to hide between parked cars.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. July 17, 2013 It wasn’t quite what a Mississauga motorcycle driver expected Monday evening when he buzzed through a 60 […]

The Air Park is an “unlicensed dump that needs to be shut down now” claims Warren.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. July 16, 2013. To say the report was damaging would be putting it mildly. It was the disaster too […]

It is worse than anyone imagined: Air Park land fill is in fact waste – much of which fails to meet standard tests.

    By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. July 15, 2013. The report that tells city hall just how bad the fill that has been dumped […]

Cocaine sale leads to search warrant that finds quarter pound of cocaine.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. July 15, 2013. Halton Regional Police, Burlington-3 District Strategic Support Team, arrested Christopher BAILEY- 23yrs of Burlington, after he sold […]

BurlingtonGreen points to why a private tree bylaw is necessary.

    By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. July 15, 2013. Liz Benneian made it pretty clear – you need a private tree bylaw that applies […]

Burlington MP thinks Duffy matter a quibbling minor issue, doesn’t expect to be called to Cabinet and will probably run again.

    By Walter Byj, Correspondent. BURLINGTON, ON. July 15, 2013. Burlington’s MP, Mike Wallace has decided to see Canada on a ground level and […]

Did city hall find a smoking gun in the Air Park soil testing reports? Many hope so.

By Pepper Parr. BURLINGTON, ON. July 15, 2013. It was going to be a quiet slipping into the summer season Council meeting – but […]

BurlingtonGreen maintains city council cheated the public in failing to even consider a private tree bylaw.

By Staff. BURLINGTON, ON – July 11th, 2013. BurlingtonGreen is dismayed to report that the majority of city council voted on July 8th to […]

Ray Rivers’ take on the upcoming provincial election

By Ray Rivers. BURLINGTON, ON. July 12, 2013. Five by-elections on August 1st. Tim Hudak is betting on Mr. steady-as-he-goes, Doug Holyday, to plant […]

It can be done; it is being done in other communities. Burlington just might manage to pull this one out of the fire on Monday.

By James Smith BURLINGTON, ON. July 11, 2013. After years of talk, Burlington City council decided not to join the rest of the GTA […]

Dig and discover at Crawford Lake; demonstrations of traditional fire starting techniques and storytelling.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. July 10, 2013 – They are out of school, underfoot and looking for things to do. Crawford Lake is worth […]

We didn’t make it this time – but the condition of our tree canopy is such that the issue has to be brought up again.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON. July 10, 2013. When asked how he felt things were going at a meeting of residents at LaSalle Pavilion […]

Double header for the Bandits on the 13th; team no longer in last place.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON. July 10, 2013. – The Burlington Bandits, will play a new double-header against the Brantford Red Sox this Saturday, July […]

The constituent and the Councillor – how one gets served by the other – but then the wheels fall off the wagon.

By Pepper Parr During an interview with Ward 6 Councillor Blair Lancaster on the afternoon of July 2nd, before city council met to be […]