Sharp shooters in the Shore Acres Creek area looking for coyotes that have to be eliminated

The hunt is on.

A crew of at least two people armed with rifles are in the Shore Acres  area close to the Paletta Mansion out to kill the coyotes that are believed to have been terrorizing the community.

Police are in the area limiting access and ensuring the public is nowhere near.

The city has gotten serious – finally

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17 comments to Sharp shooters in the Shore Acres Creek area looking for coyotes that have to be eliminated

  • Ted Gamble

    Mary should do a little more research. Apparently they are more successful in adapting and thriving in urban communities than the wild and yes they will evidently be more prolific when numbers are reduced. The whole point is that Burlington has been entirely avoiding the subject for years, listening to activists and bot funding adequate research wildlife management programs.

  • Alfred


    I don’t understand the more you kill the more they breed logic either. Maybe Charles can elaborate.

    To your point though the skilled,vetted, licenced hunters in the urban area of Thunder Bay had no trouble reducing the number of deer vehicle collisions by greatly reducing (killing) the number of deer. In the City limits. Quite sure a small number of trained, skilled, licenced vetted hunters, registered with the City. Would eliminate the :Yahoos: and any reasonable concern you might have. By the way these experts you refer to are licenced hunters. That’s where their experience came from. I suspect by the way you lump all hunters together your experience and knowledge in this matter of eliminating problem animals is Zero. I’m not interested in the $50 but if you think the so-called experts are doing it for free. You could not be further from the truth. The so called :Yahoos: of Thunder Bay reduced and removed the deer problem with bows and arrows. Clearly you have no idea what skill set one must have to accomplish this feat. In an urban setting you cannot track animals as fast, smart and whiley as a coyote. You have to sit still in a strategic location and hope they walk by (Ravine setting). Or hope someone calls in their location. This will not happen quickly without the citizens input. I also assume they will be attempting to trap the coyotes at the same time.

  • Penny Hersh


    Did the City authorize these shootings, or did residents take it upon themselves?

    The confusion comes with the indication that the police are limiting access to the area.

    Would appreciate some clarification, because I thought it was residents.

    Editor’s note: It was not resident; it was professionals hired by someone, not necessarily the city – it might have been the province. No one in authority is saying a word.

  • Alfred

    This is not an easy task. A reporting hotline should be set up to direct the police to where the coyotes are as quickly as possible. You have to love when citizens come together to protect children, pets, themselves and each other. Predators beware. Burlington Strong.
    The Mayor spent what? $50,000 for rainbow signs.
    We will invite the foxes back. They were more friendly.

  • Super Ken

    Oh Bull. Likes that’s going to do anything. What’s the plan?? Is it going to be shoot two so 14 more take it’s place? We need some leadership and maybe an announcement in the face of maybe losing a vote or two.

  • Denise W.

    I suppose that is something. Shooting can work, but they should be equipped to safely hunt by night.

    I would have thought poison bait stations would be deployed throughout south Burlington or affected areas. That would knock their numbers down. I can’t think they have a natural predator. So we are it.

    (Of course some raccoons would partake. Don’t everybody get excited, I am certain that afterwards, there will still be plenty of raccoons looking to rip their way into our attic spaces. Regular fall occurrence.)

    As it is, there is plenty of food for them, so their breeding will be unrestrained.

    Any morning at sunup, I see 10 or 15 rabbits on people’s lawns. Sitting frozen there, like lawn ornaments. Really cute, but the poor things, think they cannot be seen if the don’t move. Good food source for the yotes and foxes.

    Council must wait for money? How about, ask for volunteers to help, perhaps act as spotters? Make the operation more efficient?

  • Terry Milford

    Coyotes paying the price for people feeding them and using coyote urine in their gardens to scare away other animals.
    Sad state of affairs

  • Finally is right….. seven years too late with the harm that has been caused and
    the community’s freedom restricted as it has been. Can’t even fall asleep on your Retirement Home patio without being attacked. Burlington must speak out on the disastrous council decision making in terms of how they vote October 11 – 24, 2022.

    • Carol Gottlob

      Honestly, this is infuriating. The only reason we have a coyote problem is because we have a people problem. Someone is feeding the coyotes and so now they have become aggressive and the only recourse is to destroy them. I can assure you that once the coyote population is decimated, we will be overrun with rats, mice, possums, squirrels and rabbits.

      • Philip Waggett

        Carol, people don’t understand how an apex predator like coyotes work. They are attracted to south Burlington for two reasons. First plenty of cover in woods and ravines and secondly, lots of prey. Shooting these coyotes, a must if one is truly a problem and attacking people, is an exercise in futility. Once coyotes are removed from a territory but the prey remains, the coyotes are replaced with other coyotes–it’s inevitable. I suspect the attacks we are hearing about are cases of people feeding them or sick/injured animals. I also feel that many people see a coyote and are irrationality afraid of them–I’ve been seeing them in south Burlington for 40 years, I’ve never had a problem with one but I take precautions and treat the animal with respect.

    • David Barker

      Candidate Marsden is not only taking time to continue to be the serial complainer she is, but she still ignores all questions put to her. Not only a serial complainer but also a serial transparency hypocrit.

      I’m surprised though that an audit of some sort has not been suggested. LOL

  • Wendy

    they’re in the back ravine at Bromley Park right now15 Sept @ 19:25 hours ! Every time an emergency vehicle sounds their siren the pack is howling. Not sure how many times I need to report this but no one from City does anything

  • Penny Hersh

    Residents have decided to take things into their own hands. Who can blame them? While the City/Council sits in meetings, listening to the experts who tell them what needs to be done residents wait for a report to be passed by council on September 20th.

    Anyone who listened to the council meeting on September 14 came away with the strong resolve of council to do whatever to rectify the situation only to be told by staff that money had not been allocated in the present budget to accommodate this expense. Presently what council agreed to was to hire 2 additional staff to monitor the situation for a period up to December 2022. Council originally asked for a 2 year period. Part of the issue was that the city manager suggested that council shouldn’t saddle the new council with this expense. It will be interesting if the City gets around to hiring these people before the December 2022 deadline.

    Councillor Sharman was the only one who spoke up and said” use reserve funds if necessary”.

    Residents should remember that winter coming and the coyote problem could be much worse as the need to find food is increased.

    Council also wanted to send out an information bulletin to all the residents in the wards that are dealing with the coyote problem as soon as possible. They were told by the person in charge of communications that it could take up to 2 months and could only be done if they received the funds.

    Does the budget process not provide for emergency situations?

    • Dave Turner

      I was once told that after the election filing date Council is prohibited from making financial commitments that encumber the next administration.

      Perhaps someone with certain knowledge can say if that is right or wrong.

      Ms Hersh, I hear from a representative of the pack of coyotes that they have promised not to take food from any eatery in your building so as not to bother you. LOL

  • Charles Zach

    The more you kill the more they breed. The city should have a regular controlled coyote hunt restricted to vetted local hunters only. A bounty of $50 per pelt.

    • Mary Hill

      Not sure of your logic.

      “The more you kill the more they breed”

      So you kill all but one or two of the same sex . How does it/they breed LOL.

      And you think having a bunch of armed yahoos out there, motivated by bounty rewards, is better than professional trained trackers. Hmmmmm ?