Vermont Catamounts vs. America East: A March Madness Ticket in Sight?

By William Sherry

February 5th, 2024



The quest for a March Madness ticket is often filled with nail-biting games, remarkable performances, and the relentless pursuit of excellence on the basketball court. The Vermont Catamounts, with their impeccable 7-0 record in the America East Conference, are no exception to this thrilling journey.

This article dives deep into their season’s highlights, player performances, and the statistical marvels that make their quest for a tournament berth not just a possibility but a spectacle worth following.

Recent Triumph Over Albany: Nick Fiorillo’s Stellar Performance

TJ Long is letting everyone know just how he feels.

Nick Fiorillo’s contribution to Vermont’s 81-59 home victory against Albany on Thursday is a testament to his skill and determination on the court. Scoring 15 points, Fiorillo was efficient in his shooting, with a 5-of-8 overall and 1-of-4 from the 3-point range. His prowess at the free-throw line, going 4-of-5, further cemented his role in the Catamounts’ win.

This game not only showcased Fiorillo’s individual talent but also underscored Vermont’s collective strength as they improved their record to 17-5 overall and maintained a perfect 7-0 in the America East Conference.

Support From TJ Long and Aaron Deloney: Contributions Across the Board

TJ Long and Aaron Deloney played pivotal roles in Vermont’s triumph over Albany, showcasing the depth of talent in the team. Long scored 14 points, going 6-of-12 on field goals, including 2-of-8 from beyond the arc. His seven rebounds were crucial in giving Vermont additional possessions and opportunities to score.

Aaron Deloney, on the other hand, added 13 points to the scoreboard, with a shooting performance of 4-of-8 and an impressive 5-of-6 from the free-throw line. These contributions were vital in securing the Catamounts’ eighth straight win, demonstrating the team’s cohesive play and the players’ ability to step up when needed.

Defensive Prowess and Tempo: The Catamounts’ Strategic Edge

Vermont’s success this season can be attributed not only to its scoring ability but also to its defensive prowess and control of the game’s tempo. Known for having the best defense in the conference, Vermont has mastered the art of slowing down the game to their advantage.

This strategic approach allows them to dictate the pace, making it difficult for opponents to find their rhythm. The Catamounts’ ability to blend strong defense with a slower tempo showcases their tactical awareness and adaptability, components that are crucial in their quest for a March Madness ticket.

No one is going to get in the way of Seth Joba and he sets things up for a clear shot.

Signature Wins: A Closer Look at Key Victories

Vermont’s journey through the season has been marked by several key victories that underline their potential for March Madness glory. A signature win came against the Yale Bulldogs on December 2, with a close 66-65 victory. TJ Long led the scoring with 23 points, along with four rebounds and two assists, against a team ranked No. 80 in the RPI.

Other notable wins include a 73-64 victory over Charleston (SC) on November 16, a 67-57 win on the road against Bryant on January 27, an 86-60 win on the road over Toledo on December 20, a 72-65 road victory over UMass-Lowell on January 25, and a 78-68 win over Saint Louis on November 17.

These victories, particularly against teams with RPI rankings like No. 99 (Charleston SC), No. 117 (Bryant), No. 122 (Toledo), No. 144 (UMass-Lowell), and No. 161 (Saint Louis), have been instrumental in bolstering Vermont’s resume for the NCAA Tournament consideration.

Remaining Schedule and Odds: The Path Forward

Looking ahead, Vermont faces a 251st-ranked schedule in the nation for the rest of the season, with nine games remaining. These include matchups against teams with worse records and six against teams with records north of .500. Interestingly, none of these upcoming games are against Top 25 teams, which presents a unique opportunity for Vermont to solidify its standing in the conference and nationally.

As of February 2, Vermont has a 53% chance to make the NCAA Tournament, with the same percentage chance to get an automatic bid. Their most likely seed is projected to be No. 13 (25.2%), a position that reflects their strong performance thus far and the challenges that lie ahead.

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NCAA Tournament Criteria: Understanding the Selection Process

The journey to the NCAA Tournament, commonly known as March Madness, is paved with specific criteria that teams must meet to secure their berth. Performance in the regular season, strength of schedule, key wins against ranked opponents, and conference tournament outcomes all play significant roles in the selection process.

The team in White is Northeastern and the Green ones are Vermont.  Northeastern wasn’t able to get their hands on the ball.

For teams like Vermont, excelling in their conference and securing key out-of-conference wins are crucial steps toward making a compelling case for tournament selection. The selection committee also considers metrics such as the RPI, team records, and other statistical data to determine the field of 68 teams that will compete for the national championship.

Vermont’s March Madness Aspirations: A Dream Within Reach

The Vermont Catamounts’ quest for a March Madness ticket is a journey filled with determination, skillful play, and strategic prowess. With a 7-0 record in the America East Conference, key victories against ranked opponents, and a defense that stands as the best in the conference, Vermont has positioned itself as a formidable contender.

The road ahead is paved with challenges, but the team’s depth, talent, and strategic gameplay suggest a promising path toward achieving their NCAA Tournament dreams. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Vermont to see if they can turn their aspirations into reality.

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