5 Memorable Super Bowl Moments

By Michael Davenport

February 10th, 2023


With Super Bowl Sunday almost here, now’s the perfect time to take a look back and reflect on some of the best moments that this sports competition has brought us so far. With Super Bowl odds fluctuating, it’s getting close to the time when you need to decide where your bets should go and sometimes looking back can be a source of inspiration. If that all seems a little too serious, then maybe you’d prefer the take of the Spurs players as they take part in their NFL teammate challenge.


NFL Team mates challenge

The popularity of this event is second to none. It’s when you look back at some of these moments that you can begin to appreciate why. Here are some of the best moments that the Super Bowl has ever produced. Let’s get stuck in and take a look now.

The goal-line game-winning pick of Butler – 2015

This Super Bowl was tight, to say the least. With 26 seconds to go, the Seattle Seahawks were trailing the New England Patriots by 4 points. The reality is that 26 seconds is easy enough to turn a game around and that’s what should have happened.

The Seahawks looked set to steal the comeback, but then a bizarre decision was made to pass to the quarterback, Russell Wilson. Butler, as a Super Bowl rookie, picked Wilson off and secured the 28-24 win.

An amazing one-hand grab on the side of his helmet led to a crucial 32-yard pickup.

Tyrees helmet catch – 2008

This Super Bowl saw the New England Patriots facing the New York Giants. The former were clear favourites here as they’d be undefeated for the entire season. As the game played out, it looked as though the Patriots were set to become the first team since 1972 to win every single match of the season.

Somehow, Manning escaped the pressure of the Patriots and launched the ball to Tyree. An amazing one-hand grab on the side of his helmet led to a crucial 32-yard pickup. The result? The Giants emerged victorious with a 17-14 win.

Just one yard short – 2000

With seconds to go, the Tennessee Titans were looking to force the Super Bowl into overtime. The St Louis Rams were winning 23-16 but the Titans had already mounted a stunning comeback.

With six seconds to go, it appeared that the Titans were going to make it. A vital clutch tackle from Jones saw the Titans falling just one yard short and losing the game.

A win in the dying seconds – 2009

This was a Super Bowl that saw the two teams being evenly matched throughout. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks just couldn’t be separated.

With just 35 seconds to go, the Steelers wrestled the game into their favour with Holmes bringing in the points that led to a 27-23 win.

The Philly Special: A play call for the ages

Foless Philly Special– 2018

This Super Bowl ended Philadelphia Eagles 41 – 33 New England Patriots. The best moment of this game came when the Eagle’s backup quarterback, Nick Foles, dialled up a ‘Philly Special’.

The Eagles entered halftime with a 22-12 lead on the back of this, and the end result was more than deserved.

2-12 lead on the back of this, and the end result was more than deserved.

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