7.67% budget increase - and it isn't over yet

By Pepper Parr

February 6th, 2023



Hang on to your hats – that budget number to a leap this time.

If everything that is being discussed gets past the increase could be 7.67% – up from the 7.08% they started with.

And it ain’t over yet.

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6 comments to 7.67% budget increase – and it isn’t over yet

  • Caren Burcher

    Burlington City Council spent more money on frivolous and un-necessary items and projects in their 1st term of council, now they continue to spend more and more money this term. This proposed budget is insane. There are lots of costs for items and things that are not necessary items in this 2023 Budget. City Council has pushed forward and approved major building projects and expenditures anyway, without the residents knowledge or input! Also, do we really need special crosswalks, special benches, special Art work for Mountainside Pool, Skyway Arena and I assume Bateman etc. moving forward? (these are nice additions when there is an abundance of money to spend, but in a time for restraint, they are expensive and not necessary).
    It’s called “Fiscal Responsibility”. With inflation and the cost of food, transportation, housing etc. skyrocketing, this 2023 Budget imposed by City Council is both tone-deaf and irresponsible.

    • Denise W.

      People have to earn this money, pay income tax and then property tax. Not sure all of city council fully appreciates this. This cannot go on, year after year. And then when Burlington is talked about being an expensive place to reside, it seems to get blamed on property owners.

  • Sharon H.

    Do believe we are heading forward faster than we can control! Do we really, really “need”, or is it a “want” of too much of what we have already, and obviously cannot afford, or, is it the love for media news advertising how successful we are?
    Consequences: taxing the people who cannot afford, as the majority literally receive litle real benefit from the increases. As Ben said, there is no pay compensation anywhere that puts us in a positive to ever save anything for the future, let alone manage our daily expenses.

  • Howard

    God help us !

  • Ben Tuinman

    The chopping better start soon. That % increase is way to high. Savings need to be found. No pay check or pension rises to 7.67% that I am aware of.