A Compassionate Community Takes Care of Those in Need

By Staff

December 6th, 2022



The Compassion Society has been serving the needs of those who need a hand for a decade.  Times are tough for many – here is an opportunity to help out.

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1 comment to A Compassionate Community Takes Care of Those in Need

  • Really don’t know where to put this confession so placing it here. We got it wrong when we believed Hamilton did inauguration in a far less pompish extravaganza
    than Burlington. Just learnt they spent 38K. The reason we are choosing this space to declare it is we believe when families are struggling like they are it would be better to keep the expenses and pomp down and recognize these struggles with a hefty donation to the food banks and Salvation Army who help so many That being said Horwath had it right in evening meetings will improve public engagement. Burlington changed over to day time last term and despite the very poor election turn out will likely stick to it. Apparently they like it that way.