A great weather weekend - now we wait for news on the economy - is there any good news?

By Pepper Parr

May 21st, 2024



It was a wonderful weekend.

For the gardeners – this was THE weekend.

The gardeners were out in force, either at the nurseries or in their yards planting and weeding.

The country roads were busy with people who owned convertibles out for a drive and enjoying the weather.

Spencer Smith Park has the place to be for many.

The pond at the Discovery Centre will have opened.

It was a chance for people to relax and refresh – because we are going into a week when inflation numbers will be released early today which are expected to impact the bank rate than many hope will be lowered so that mortgage rates become at least a little more bearable.

Housing starts in April are lower than they were last April and are lower than they were in 2018 which means the pressure on rental rates will remain. They are down 37%.

Gas prices are up 7% – they are inching down

City Council meets to vote on the recommendations that came from the Standing Committees – maybe there will be some good news at that level.

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