A Little Poem that is Hard to Look At: 'We draw in our dreams, in our imaginations'

By Pepper Parr

December 6th, 2023



We hear the news day in, day out.

How do we react to stuff like this?

Yesterday: A school where civilians were sheltering was bombed as Israel expanded its offensive in Khan Younis, the south’s largest city.

In Israel: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a contentious meeting with families of hostages still held by Hamas, who accused him of not doing enough to return them.

We see the pictures of bodies wrapped in white cloth dozens of them. Our part of the world doesn’t have experiences like this; how do we react?

Gazans laying out the bodies readying for burial; a daily exercise that has seen more than 14,000 Gazans killed as the Israel Defence Force hunts the Hamas leadership.

Many in Canada protest strongly for the Palestinian community demanding that their rights be recognized while almost is as many demonstrate for the Israeli’s who believe they have a right to be in Gaza to totally destroy Hamas, the political group that has been running the form of government that exists in Gaza and the terrorist group that sent men into Israel and murdered at least 1400 Israelis and took more than 200 prisoners, many of them still in the hands of Hamas who are trading them for Hamas fighters who are being held in Israeli prisons.

A Canadian, currently working at a university in the UK, has worked in Palestine for a number of years.  Fluent in Arabic, she does a lot of translation from Arabic into English.

Set out below is some of her work:


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2 comments to A Little Poem that is Hard to Look At: ‘We draw in our dreams, in our imaginations’

  • Lynn Crosby

    Our world is becoming worse by the day. It’s incomprehensible. What are we doing?

  • Anne and Dave Marsden

    Very, very difficult for us to comprehend. Even Canadians most difficult times associated with forest fires do not prepare us to cope with what our fellow human beings are having to deal with at a time when Hope and Joy are keywords of the Season.