A massive transfer of power will take place on Thursday - you will give your power to the government you want. Give that a lot of thought

By Pepper Parr

May 29th, 2022



This is an act of trust – the power that is in your hands is being given to someone else with the understanding that they will govern fairly and responsibly,

You have in your hands the power that is the engine of every democracy.

It belongs to you.

On Thursday you will give that power to others and expect them to govern responsibly and to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

That the pressing interests and concerns are given the attention and the resources needed.

Climate change – the Premier needs some help from the public on that one.

The building of new highways.  This one has a direct link to climate change and the real needs of the province.  Highway 413 is something you want to pay attention to.

Putting together a long term care program that is not in place to just line the pockets of the private sector.

Housing – and more importantly affordable housing.

Education – our students have been short clanged during the pandemic – we need to right that change.

The power to bring about what is needed is in your hands today – on Thursday you will give that power to someone else.

Will we remember them?

Don’t make your decision on who to give it to based on how your grandfather voted.

Do what you know is right – and you do know what is right – when you cast your ballot.  Most important cast that ballot.  You have a few days to think about who you want in place to run this province.

The race in Burlington is very tight – every vote will matter.

The men and women who have served this country trough several wars put their lives at risk to defend the democracy we have deserve  your attention on Thursday.

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