A more sustainable approach to meeting the food security needs of those whose kitchen cupboards are close to bare is needed

By Pepper Parr

January 30th, 2023



Food security for a growing number of people has become more than a phrase.

The need cannot be met with groups that take the initiative to help out – they have done a superb job of covering some of the need. More is needed.

The food banks and church groups that support those who need help in feeding their families has become more than a pressing issue.

Later today those involved in the delivery of food will be taking part in an announcement that is expected to bring changes to this sector.

The changes in food security needs seen in recent years has led to the identification of the necessary steps to ensure a better, stronger food security network across the Region of Halton. The announcement will be a preview of what should be a huge leap forward in addressing the food security issues seen across the region as a whole.

The announcement will be made this afternoon at 4:00 pm.

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