A newer face becomes part of the picture - is this what the next Mayor is going to look like

By Pepper Parr

September 25th, 2022



James Kerr. has thrown his hat into the ring. Now the hard part begins.

The race for the Office of Mayor for Burlington is about to get a little more exciting.

The Gazette interviewed James Kerr; while a little late to the game he does bring a lot to the table.

Personal family issues kept him out of the race for a few months.

It will take a little time to go through the notes; touch base with the people involved with the campaign and do the background work.

Getting into an election this late in the game against an incumbent with a very high profile is a challenge.  However, Mayor Marianne Meed Ward has challenges of her own that are not easily overcome.

Kerr has certainly touched on all the hot buttons – the challenge for him is to tell the public how he can turn things around.

Not much yet on who is advising Kerr.

Burlington has a lot of challenges – how they can be addressed and coped with is what will occupy whoever the Mayor is during the next term of office.

The election would appear to be hers to lose at this point in the game – but elections are volatile events.  Kerr deserves a closer look

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3 comments to A newer face becomes part of the picture – is this what the next Mayor is going to look like

  • john

    Hans, some folks like to think big. How did Doug Ford go from being a one term councillor in Toronto, to being the premier of Ontario?

  • Hans Jacobs

    It’s good to have some competition but what puzzles me is how candidates appear to think of the Mayor’s job as “entry level” into municipal politics. It makes much more sense to get elected to council and learn about working on the City’s Board of Directors before trying to become its Chair.