A one-of-a-kind experience when the longest night begins

By Staff

December 18th, 2023



This Thursday December 21st, Lowville Festival and THiNKSPOT invite you to Celebrate the Winter Solstice with a unique and inspiring theatrical experience in the Walt Rickli Sculpture Garden.   This one-of-a-kind event will celebrate the annual moment when the longest night begins the transition to longer days.


The Solstice (aka Hibernal) is traditionally considered to be a time of reflection and hibernation to navigate the colder weather.   Over the past ten years the Solstice events at ThinkSpot have evolved from social get-togethers, into a time of reflection and honouring the events of the past year (even the tougher moments).   This video link shares moments from the 2022 Solstice where over 100 people came together to be inspired by stories and music by Myriad Ensemble.  This year Lowville Festival is partnering with June Cupido to create an unforgettable evening that will inspire each of us to persevere through the challenges that life presents.

June, Director of popular and sold-out Story Slams at Kerr Street Cafe in Oakville, will create a powerful interaction between 6 storytellers and audience… enlightening how the stories we tell, connect and uplift us all.   After personally attending two Story Slams in the past year, each person’s journey altered my perspectives about life… pain, resilience, growth, and joy.

Combining the Story Slam with a winter night around six fires and five propane heaters, the audience will be face-to-face with relatable human stories, along with musical performances by Indigenous artists Lacey Hill, and Kristen McKay.  We will also be launching an exciting initiative “Lowville Has Wheels” (click here for video), followed by hot vegetable soup cooked over an outdoor fire, with fresh bread and dessert.

This is an experience not to be missed!!  We hope you can join us – tickets are $50 (100% to cover event costs) and are available here.   Our intention is to create more affordable tickets for future events through sponsorship.   If you value the experiences we create and would like to support us with sponsorship opportunities, please reach out and we will get back to you asap!  Many thanks to Lowville Bistro, McMaster University Athletics Dept.,  and Rock and Roll Cycle for their support this year.


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