A record for Burlington: four Statutory meetings in a single day heralding major developments that are close to putting shovels in the ground

By Staff

September 23, 2022



Statutory meetings that signal the kind of development that is in the pipe line

During the Community Planning Standing Committee meeting earlier this month there were four Statutory meetings.

These are meetings that the Planning Act requires a developer to hold where city planners give a brief technical description of the proposed development after which anyone can approach the podium to talk about the development and ask questions.

The developer usually take part in the event explaining what they are setting out to do.
City Staff are on hand to ask questions from the Councillors.

Some of the meetings are pretty dry and technical.

Others are very robust with a lot of back and forth. When the developer eventually files their application they are required to report on what they heard at the Statutory meeting and how they responded to the communities concerns.

Burlingtonians know that significant intensification will take place – they tend to see what is being done in the downtown core and complain about the change those developments are going to make on the kind of city Burlington is going to become.

We will publish an article on each of the developments – for the moment we want to set out just how much development is in the pipeline – in the 11 years we have covered city hall and the development sector we have never seen four Statutory meetings at Standing Committee in a single day.

The four that were the object of Statutory meetings are

Guelph Line – south of Upper Middle Road in the decommissioned postal sorting station – at the intersection of Palmer Drive



Appleby Line – major residential.



South Service Road where Mother Tuckers was once located.  Not a residential development – offices for a com[any that is in the pet services field that may partner with the university of Guelph.



Palladium Way – a site that will have a retirement residence and a long term care facility

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