A ten second reader response to a contest certainly surprised us.

By Pepper Parr

February 3rd, 2023



The speed with which information moves in the electronic world is at times astonishing.

The folks at the Drury Lane Theatre offered us two comp tickets to the Music Hall 2023 production that starts March 3rd and runs for 12 performances.

We decided to turn the free tickets into a contest and ran a story offering the tickets if people could tell us what the name of the retailer is that will be opening up in the Burlington Centre (formerly the Mall) later this year. Our hope was that people would use the search feature of the Gazette to dig out the information

We posted the story at 10:09 am.

At 10:19; ten seconds later a winning entry came in.

The Zellers sign comes off the store in 2012. Zellers returns to Burlington Centre later this year as a unit inside The Bay location.

We were stunned and realized that what we should have done is taken the winning entries, put the names in a hat and asked the people at Drury Lane to draw a name and that person would be given the two free tickets.

Ten seconds to get a response from Gazette readers: That is going to be part of the story we tell advertisers when we open up the newspaper to advertising later in February.

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