A very appropriate message on Family Day

By Pepper Parr

February 21st, 2022



Marty Staz is just one of those people I have always liked.

I thought he was the better candidate in ward 1 during the last municipal election but with 10 candidates in the race it was more of a crap shoot than the selection of a candidate.

Marty Staz – figuring it out.

I recall watching Marty at one of the city events where there were large posters with graphics related to low rise, medium rise and high rise guidelines.  Marty, spent some time looking at the posters then got into a conversation with the planning staff member on hand to answer questions.

Marty has spent a good part of his working life in the real estate business – he sells it and brings a specific skill set to the work.

The Gazette gets dozens of Facebook message – there isn’t always enough time to spend on them – often they are a self promotion picture, occasionally they are quite funny.  I have a couple of favourite people I make a point of clicking on.

Marty send one along earlier today.

Marty didn’t write the piece – but he knew the kind of message that would resonate on Family Day in Ontario.

Right on my friend, was my immediate response.

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5 comments to A very appropriate message on Family Day


    What a wonderful message!:) My grown kids still come home with laundry, shop in pantry and fridge and feel very comfortble with this. So do we.We love having our children and grandchildren in our home. Thanks Marty

  • Thanks for this, our sentiments exactly. Our kids used to take food out of our cupboard for those less fortunate than themselves and we never knew who was sleeping in our third condo bedroom with its own bathroom, because they had nowhere to go. We had our first family dinner seated at the dining table, in two years yesterday with just one third of our family. We have three boys and now have seven grandchildren, the youngest being twins. .Not bad for a couple who were told they would never have children because of Anne`s disability. Anne still got the turkey just perfect and the two grandchildren were just thrilled to be back having dinner with Grannie and Papa and playing well loved games after dinner. The super generous chocolate drizzle over the Family Day cake they never get at home, may have had something to do with the youngest being a little high, but that`s the good thing about family dinners when grandparents host. They have lots of fun, special treats and then go home and we collapse. Memories are made of this and when we are gone and its their turn to be grandparents we are satisfied that they know the value of good old fashioned family get togethers.

    • David

      That was our house. It was never empty, My sons friends eating us out of house and home. The wife feeding everyone. The laughter the BBQ’s Dogs, Cats a broken seagull a parrot.
      All married with their own kids now. All families should be able to experience this. And yes your kids are always your kids.

      • You reminded us David of the number of birds with broken wings etc. that found there way into our home. We had a dog with what is called a soft mouth, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel that would go and fetch the injured bird in its mouth from where it was recovering and bring it into the family circle. Treasured memories indeed that help get us through the dark patches such as we have all endured.

  • Carol Victor

    He was my choice too! My gut feeling is confirmed…hope he runs again….
    Great message.