A Winter Wonderland in early Spring - it was beautiful in the country

By Pepper Parr

April 20th, 2022



Bare branches waiting for the flakes of heavy snow to rest on them

To the surprise of many – the spring snow was upon us Monday afternoon and into the evening.

In the city – it was heavy and turned to slush quite quickly.

But in the rural areas the snow lay upon the land and in the branches of the trees creating a sense of a winter wonderland.

Would have been lovely Christmas Day – but Climate Change has taken hold of the calendar and we really never know what we are going to get.

For those in the country is was beautiful.

It will be gone in a day or so – and with a temperature of 10 degrees predicted for tomorrow is will disappear.

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2 comments to A Winter Wonderland in early Spring – it was beautiful in the country

  • Alfred

    Do you remember?

    When the environmental quacks in the 1970’s warned us about global cooling due to carbon build up and insulating of the glaciers caused by pollution.

    As the weather began to warm up for a few years. The term Global Warming was used to terrify the population, that pollution was causing the earth to heat up and the water levels of the lakes and oceans would rise and we would all die. Clearly this was a lie. Was anyone held to account for this nonsense. Look outside it’s been a very long winter. It’s mid April and we have snow.

    Climate change the new term invented by the quacks. If it gets cold or warm or rains we have it covered. They have a little trouble explaining 5 ice ages that took place on earth before man.

    The trick here is repeat and even change the story enough times. The uninformed crowd begin to believe it everytime.

  • Mozelle Cole

    Who took those beautiful pictures and where?
    I encourage all to watch the just released Netflix series narrated by Barack Obama – Our Great National Parks.