ADI submits revised development application for the last part of the Station West site; asking for 14 more units

By Pepper Parr

March 17th, 2022



Rendering of the revised development application

In an announcement from city hall today we learn that the ADI applications to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law to permit a mixed-use development comprising three tall buildings with retail uses at ground level and residential uses above in properties east of Waterdown Road and south of the GO railway tracks near the Aldershot GO station have been revised.

In the original proposal (2022):

Building A (northwest corner of site) was 36 storeys tall including a 4-storey podium.

Building B (southeast) was 26 storeys tall.

Building C (southwest) was 36 storeys tall. Buildings B and C shared a three-storey podium.

The proposed buildings contained a total of 1,139 residential units and 231m2 of ground-level retail at the corner of Masonry Court and Cooke Blvd. 1,031 parking spaces were proposed within five levels of underground parking.

In the revised proposal (2023):

Building A (northwest) is 33 storeys tall including a 12-storey podium.

Building B (southeast) is 29 storeys including a six-storey podium that steps down to three storeys on the north side.

Building C (southwest) is 31 storeys including a six-storey podium. The buildings are no longer connected to each other, and a plaza has been introduced at the ground level between Buildings B and C.

The total number of residential units has increased from 1,139 to 1,165.

The total amount of retail floor area has increased from 231m2 to 495m2.

The total number of parking spaces has increased from 1,031 to 1,145 spaces within 6 underground parking levels.

Those are the hard facts.

This is the eastern boundary of the property ADI has developed since it bought the land from Paletta International; a Paletta is said to now regret.

What is absolutely amazing is how this development has evolved and found a way to not even mention space for parks.

The patch of land, and it really isn’t much more than that, was originally going to have three building and some parkland space. ADI was prepared at one point to talk to the public about where parkland would be within the site.

This part of the development has to be seen in context with what has already been built. The pictures below tell that story.

Mid rise units are part of the development.

The problem with getting involvement from the public is that the community ADI has created hasn’t had a chance to come together and talk about what has happened. Covid19 kept people indoors and then when people were ready to be outside more there was no place for people to gather.

The overall neighbourhood has resigned themselves to the fact that everything north of Masonry road is high rise. This by the way was the part of the city where Marianne Meed Ward launched her 2018 campaign to become Mayor. While it was never her ward (she did run in the ward prior to 2010 and was soundly trounced) she hasn’t done much to help the people in that community.

Town houses are part of the mix in the very large development.

The current ward councillor hasn’t done all that much either – other than to advise one of the better community activists that the ward Councillor’s office would no longer communicate with him.

There was a slight ray of sunshine on how the city distributed the news.  Changes in development applications don’t usually get include in what the city sends out.  Even though it came out during the afternoon of a Friday – it was at least more public than in the past.  Kudos to whoever made that decision.

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3 comments to ADI submits revised development application for the last part of the Station West site; asking for 14 more units

  • Perryb

    I love the ‘developer’s renderings’ for these proposals. In this case a vision of the shiny buildings surrounded by acres of green. In reality, they will occupy the current swampland (originally supposed to become a lovely park) and loom over the recently constructed town house development and its adjoining parking lot (a.k.a. Masonry court). Glad to hear a Paletta is embarrassed to have enabled this travesty.

  • bill keary

    so 1165 residential units and 1145 parking spaces?

    • James Thomson

      I lived in a 15 minute neighbour hood in Vancouver.
      I could walk to work, walk to Kitsilano Beach, walk to the Granville Island Market.
      walk to the local Safeway.
      I could easily take a bus into downtown and get to wherever the Skytrain went.
      To get to my soccer teams home pitch I could drive in 20 minutes from work.
      or walk 2 minutes to a bus stop, take a 22 minute bus ride, then walk 14 minutes to the pitch.
      Those times are from google maps I obviously never tried to go by bus.
      Freedom = an automobile.