Air Park owner builds landfill hills – creates a valley around the home of an Appleby Line resident. It’s apparently legal.

We do know that Vince Rossi, apparently the owner of the Air Park, has legal counsel with considerable expertise in the airport and air park field.  They found a loop-hole and are making a fortune in taking in landfill.

Sheldon has a charming little “two holer” on her property and has some pretty imaginative ideas as to who might be put into the thing.

Our Burlington is trying to set up a meeting with Vince Rossi – no date to meet yet.

Sheldon did manage to get the Mayor to visit the property.  His Chief of Staff was along for the tour as well as Monte Dennis, another Appleby Line resident who was active in the Pickering airport battle many years ago.

Rossi apparently met with the Mayor two years ago looking for support, telling the Mayor that an Airpark would be good for Burlington.  The Mayor is reported to have asked for a business plan.  Rossi never returned with one.  The Mayor is reported to have said: “So after that I don’t know if he wanted our support by a pat on the back or money – but he lost his credibility when he didn’t produce a plan”.

It`s a mess – that has done significant damage to the value of Sheldon`s  property.  She isn’t the only one taking a financial hit.  Vanessa and her husband recently purchased Capstone Farm on Bell School Line.  Her situation is even worse than that of Sheldon.

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1 comment to Air Park owner builds landfill hills – creates a valley around the home of an Appleby Line resident. It’s apparently legal.

  • M. Dennis

    The Airpark land is NOT under Federal regulation – only the aeronautics part is, which applies to the safe operation of aircraft.

    Even if the dumping was legal, nobody or any business has the moral right to infringe on the rights of surrounding citizens.

    The damage already existing on the Airpark site must eventually be reversed & corrected, otherwise our City will turn into a free for all, with anyone doing whatever they please.

    North Burlington is a dump site of massive proportions – not a nice reputation to have?

    Editors note:
    Note that Mr Dennis is referring to the land, that is the ground the aircraft travel along. He maintains that is not under the jurisdiction of the federal department of transport. They, the federal government. have jurisdiction over anything aeronautical that happens on that land. Good point – will the city spend some of its money defending the interests of the residents who are getting the daylights kicked out of them by the person earning money dumping landfill.